#BanBossy Is Just More Shutuppery

Hillary 2016: Ban Bossy!

Instapundit has it right adding a number 8:

THE SEVEN MOST RIDICULOUS THINGS about the “ban bossy” campaign. Number 8: It’s transparent Hillary2016 battlespace preparation.

I’d like to add a number 9:

Sort of related:

Common Core protesters picket U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan’s appearance at Worcester Tech

Check out the money quote and the picture accompanying the article of the mad ‘white suburban’ DAD.:

“It’s a great opportunity to bring attention to this community here in Massachusetts,” said Shanon Dahlstrom, a registered Democrat from Chelmsford. “The U.S. Department of Education is really overstepping their bounds.”

Also: Graham: Common Core unifies foes

Who says the Obama administration can’t bring people together?

Polls may show that America is more politically divided than ever (Obama’s approval rating among Republicans hit a record-low 5 percent last week). But today in Worcester the lion will lie down with the lamb as Tea Party activists and teacher’s union members team up to “welcome” Obama’s secretary of education, Arne Duncan, with twin protests.

That’s how much they both hate “Common Core.”

Common Core is the latest federal education reform fad. Like “No Child Left Behind” before it, Common Core uses federal money to bribe local schools into using a federal measuring stick on student performance.

Tea Partiers hate it because it takes power away from local parents and school districts. The unions hate it because it uses student test scores as part of teacher evaluations.

And, I predict, taxpayers will soon hate it because the net result will be what we always get from “reforms” — spending more and getting less.

We’ve spent more and gotten less for decades now.  For those just waking up to this, try reading The K-12 Implosion by Glenn Reynolds. You can also watch a bit of this related video on The K-12 Implosion narrated by the awesome Bill Whittle.


Obama Common Core Savings

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  1. Nate says:

    Just stumbled over this today at The Blaze: Sec. of Education Arne Duncan Explains What Dissatisfied States Can Do About Common Core. (http://tinyurl.com/odagv8m)

    thought it might interest you.


  2. A.Men says:

    bossy bama obomba.


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