#MoralMarch Recap

So, the NC NAACP held their ‘grassroots’ Moral March – which was really just the annual HK on J (Historic Thousands on Jones St) with a bunch of groups bused in to make more noise. The main protest point, among the laundry list presented, was voter ID.

Hilarious since the Do’s and Don’t list disseminated to potential marchers by the NC NAACP included telling them to bring Photo ID with them:

Here’s a recap:

People were bused in from NY, VA, GA, and SC. Yes, as far away as NY. Possibly even DC and Chicago? Yep – DC too and TN: “Planned Parenthood says buses with their supporters came from Georgia, Tennessee and Washington, D.C.”  – Hampton Roads

Apparently, lots of buses not from NC protesting in NC = grassroots. Who knew? UPDATE: Florida too.

A who’s who of the far Left were in attendance including, Occupy, NC Student Power Union, Low pay is not ok, AFL-CIO, Raise Up, UFCW, NC Justice Center, Planned Parenthood, Progress NC, Sierra club, LGBT, EqualityNC, NCAAN, GroundSwell, NCAE, socialists, more socialists, Moms Rising, Greenpeace, FLOC, F.I.S.T. and many more.

Estimates on crowd size bordered on hilarity.  Carolina Mercury’s photos pretty much debunk that one.

Kids used as props a few times. And then some more. Seriously, who brings their kids to a rally and has them hold this sign?  Via Carolina Mercury on Facebook:

Lovely signs….and WTF is this?

Like I said, a who’s who of the far left mad they’re out of power:

Some favorite pictures:

Some truthful commentary:

“Its time to get religion out of our politics. Now, our keynote speaker, Rev. Barber! #OverheardAtMoralMarch @LadyLiberty1885 @sistertoldjah — Matthew P. Hoagland (@mphoagland) February 8, 2014

  @LadyLiberty1885 I wonder how many people are out there thinking what the hell am I doing, I look like an idiot #moralmarch — Young Black Repub (@YoungMarkeece) February 8, 2014

Thanks to Carolina Plotthound for linking!

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