The End Must Be Near – A Poll Said So.

OH NOES!! A Public Policy Polling Poll said McCrory’s approval is tanking…

With Moderate Democrats. Key poll questions below.

Q9 Generally speaking, if there was an election for
the state legislature today, would you vote for
the Democratic or Republican candidate from
your district?
Democrat 50%
Republican 41%
Not sure 9%

Q17 Would you describe yourself as very liberal,
somewhat liberal, moderate, somewhat
conservative, or very conservative?
Very liberal 10%
Somewhat liberal 16%
Moderate 32%
Somewhat conservative 23%
Very conservative 19%

Q19 If you are a Democrat, press 1. If a Republican,
press 2. If you are an independent or identify
with another party, press 3.
Democrat 43%
Republican 34%
Independent/Other 23%

Nice +9 Democrat Sample there!

The Poll is located here:

I tweeted asking why the PDF was labeled 2011, but they decided to just retweet me instead of answering me.

Oh well. Whatever.

Given the poll is +9 Dem and the long, noisy series of  Occupy 2.0 Moral Mondays led by Rev. Barber, his numbers are rather pathetic:

Q13 Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion
of Rev. William Barber?
Favorable 28%
Unfavorable 26%
Not sure 46%

Look at that who 2% dent they made in the real target here – the NCGA:

Q7 Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion
of the Democrats in the North Carolina
Favorable 41%
Unfavorable 43%
Not sure 17%

Now, just for fun, let’s look at McCrory vs Perdue.

Via News 14’s Capital Tonight:

                                 Perdue (2009)                 McCrory (2013)

February                       43/32  (+11)                           47/33 (+14)

March                           44/35  (+9)                             49/35  (+14)

April                              41/40  (+1)                             49/36 (+13)

May                              34/51   (-17)                            48/38 (+10)

June                              30/53   (-23)                            45/39 (+6)

July                                25/55   (-30)                            40/49 (-9)

August                            27/52   (-25)                           39/51 (-12)


So as bad as the numbers may seem, McCrory is clearly in a much better situation than Perdue was at this point in her term. Although, Gov. Perdue did see a two point jump in August while McCrory saw a one point drop.

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