More Protesters Laying Down In The Road In Durham

On December 10th and 13th, more protesters were arrested for their “die in” activities in Durham. Most of the charges were resisting arrest, failure to disperse and “impede traffic – sit/stand/lie”.  While protesting, the familiar Occupy chant, “whose streets? our streets!” was employed.

The list of arrests from the 10th, where protesters blocked traffic at the Streets at Southpoint, includes one protester arrested for attempting to incite a riot. On the 13th, one charge was for carrying a concealed weapon.

The list, via WNCN:

About 20 to 30 demonstrators gathered at the Streets at Southpoint, staging a “die-in” at Nordstrom, before walking to Fayetteville Road, where they blocked the exit ramp on to I-40.

Those arrested include:

1. John Lapp of Durham – failure to disperse, impeding traffic and resisting, delaying and obstructing officers

2. Fabian Hall of Durham – failure to disperse and impeding traffic. Two failure to appear warrants were also served on him.

3. Kevin Atkins of Durham – failure to disperse, impeding traffic and resisting, delaying and obstructing officers

4. Adam Pyburn of Durham – failure to disperse, impeding traffic and resisting, delaying and obstructing officers

5. Robert Stephens of Durham – failure to disperse, impeding traffic and inciting a riot

6. Tara Schmitt of Durham – failure to disperse and impeding traffic

7. Shayla Freels of Garner – failure to disperse and impeding traffic

8. DeLeon Gray – impeding traffic, damage to property and resisting, delaying and obstructing officers

9. Robert Foote of Apex – failure to disperse and impeding traffic

Protesters chanted, “Whose streets? Our streets!” in the middle of Fayetteville Road.

The man arrested for attempting to incite a riot was Robert Terrell Stephens. Mr. Stephens is the current director of alumni for Teach for America and former Obama for America field organizer.

Fabian Hall also had two charges of making harassing phone calls on top of failure to disperse and impeding traffic. The harassing phone call charges produced bond amounts of $4,000 and $8,000. The impede traffic bond was $2,000. That makes Hall’s total amount to bond out of jail $14,000. Overall, the charges for all nine totaled approximately $36,000. Most bonded out.

Who paid?

The WNCN article continues, noting that these protesters knew they were going to be arrested:

Protester Rachel Schankula said around 9 p.m., Durham police were not allowing anyone to wait inside the Durham County Jail to bail out arrested demonstrators.

“There was about seven of us waiting in the waiting room and we were completely quiet. We were chatting with each other. And they told us we had to leave,” Schankula said. “They made us stand out in the cold and it’s 38 degrees and we’re freezing.”

By the way, Ms. Schankula is also currently employed as an ‘Executive Coach’ at Teach for America. Her resume on LinkedIn goes back to 2001 and every entry is Teach for America.

Note WNCN says there were nine arrested on December 10th. I count ten if you include the protester with the stun gun:

“Durham police officers found a stun gun on an arrested protester.”

More Protests on December 13th
According to WRAL, 11 were arrested and this “happened around 9:45 p.m. on Swift Avenue near the Durham Freeway.”  WRAL lists the arrestees in their article and we see a repeat arrestee in Robert Foote, who was also arrested on the 10th.


  • Monica Marie Ganguly, 32, of Durham
  • John Michael Harmon, 35, of Durham
  • James Murphy Hoopes, 27, of Falls Church, Virginia
  • Justine Marie Johnson, 40, of Durham
  • Steven James Lorenz, 40, of Durham
  • Daniel Renteria, 19, of Durham
  • James Finley Cooper Wilson, 20, of Durham
  • Douglas Walsh Anderson, 32, of Durham
  • Brian Paul Dingledine, 40, of Chapel Hill
  • Travis K. Duprey, 30, of Walton, New York
  • Robert Michael Foote, 27, of Apex


Charges for this group to bond out we are a combined total of around $22,500.

A look at the Durham offender list located detailed charges for the December 13th protests as one having carried a concealed weapon. This person is one Daniel Renteria. Renteria’s charges per Durham Police were carrying a concealed weapon, failure to disperse and impede traffic – sit/stand/lie.

Monica Ganguly has been noted as a leader of Occupy Durham since around 2011. She was arrested as part of Occupy Durham in November of 2011. Ganguly was arrested for breaking and entering with 6 other “anarchists“.

At her plea hearing for that breaking and entering charge, Ganguly made a statement wherein she expressed her desire to “put the system to death”:

Ganguly delivered a short statement to the judge to say she was “entering a plea into a system I have no faith in to deliver justice.”

“The prison system casts an ever-widening net to turn its profit, and the criminalization of dissent expands to terrifyingly broad new territory. But in Athens, in Tunis, in London, in Cairo, in towns that are every bit the same as they are different from Chapel Hill, N.C., people burn with desire to put this system to death,” she said. – News and Observer

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  3. JD says:

    Great digging, Lady! Just imagine…if the dominant media did this type of investigative work, you’d be out of a job! Wonder how many more of these miscreants can be tied back to a government job as a community (dis)organizer.


    • Likely a few. This is what I found just on the surface. Am working on a follow up to this right now. More information has come to light regarding activities on the 5th/6th in Durham.


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