Alamance Dem Continues His #WarOnWomen, Adds Low-Income Kids

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This past June, I noted some vile comments being made on this site by a rather prominent Democrat.  From the email address and IP associated with these comments, they appeared to be coming from one Bill Franklin. This Bill Franklin:

Bill Franklin
SEC Member, Alamance County
2nd Vice Chair, 6th Democratic Congressional District

Well, he’s back.

Mr. Franklin has gone from a #WarOnWomen and “Teabilly” theme to now attacking scholarships meant to help low-income kids get a better education — one that is chosen by their parents. Franklin stayed up late to troll me and the kiddies.  See below:


“Opportunity Scholarships” = you Teabilly types never rest in the invention of totally misleading, lying terms. The vouchers are simply a political dictate being used by the Christian Taliban and their followers to destroy public education.

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2 Responses to Alamance Dem Continues His #WarOnWomen, Adds Low-Income Kids

  1. Alex says:

    Bill Franklin is a pathetic old bigot. His comments just show how low the Democrats in NC have fallen.


  2. Unaffiliated Voter says:

    democrackkks are not only evil and corrupt, they are ignorant too…


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