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Democrats Are Melting Down In NC

The NCGA has a Republican super majority for the first time in decades and they are using their advantage to get quite a bit accomplished. This has naturally thrown the Democrats in North Carolina into full meltdown mode.

I posted a brief comment on ConMom about the meltdown in progress:

LL885 comments:

The rising hysterical tone and tactics coming out of the Left in NC is something to pay attention to. For the first time in decades, Conservatives have a super-majority in the NC General Assembly with a Republican in the Governor’s mansion to boot. Dems are scared and getting particularly ugly. A main reason for that is the legislation that the NCGA is managing to get processed so quickly – guns, obamacare, schools. The unholy trinity of progressives.

People need to tune into the shenanigans by the NAACP in NC that have been going on for a while now – most notably the protests and circus like atmosphere created by Reverend Barber. His multiple arrests and cries of racism in relation to the Wake County School board changes to school assignment and busing have worn thin. The NAACP has teamed up with radical groups like Occupy NCSU, Occupy Raleigh, Debt Strike Raleigh, NC Student Power Union and the AFL-CIO in recent rallies (Check out Youtube for ‘HK on J 2013′). The rhetoric was positively socialist and the tone can be seen as very inflammatory.

Elected Democrats and Progressives in NC have also teamed up with groups like BluePrint NC to get their talking points and “eviscerate the opposition”. BluePrint NC itself is tied to all of the groups listed prior. The organized Left is mobilizing and linking arms in North Carolina. Ignore it at your peril.

UPDATE: Cue Dems freaking out in 3…2…1

NC House Votes to Bar Sex-Selective Abortions

More on that last link about HB 716 here. There hasn’t been a big reaction to it yet, mainly because Planned Parenthood is too busy trying to force those with moral objections to provide abortions: Continue reading

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What #MayDay2013 Protests Looked Like In Raleigh, NC

Looks like more proof I was right about NC Student Power Union being one of many offshoots of Occupy Raleigh, or at bare minimum comrades in arms. They all celebrated May Day together in downtown Raleigh. It wasn’t as dramatic as Seattle, but it wasn’t totally boring either.

Thank you to those with the NCSPU (Student Power Union) who engaged in civil disobedience yesterday as the fight… fb.me/2Vts2XVfV

— Occupy Raleigh (@OccupyRaleigh) May 2, 2013 Continue reading

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