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NC EOG: Alarming Minority Student Scores

The Department of Public Instruction (NC DPI) recently touted NC EOG (End of Grade) scores as ‘hopeful’ and ‘positive’. A deep dive into the data says otherwise – the needle, so to speak, really isn’t moving. In particular, minority student scores are alarming and are either falling or stagnant. Continue reading

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Opinion: Your Politics Have No Place In Our Kids Classrooms

Dear Schools, Teachers, and Administrators: Your politics have no place in our kid’s classrooms.
Not only is it state policy to keep personal politics out of the classroom, it’s literally common sense. These are your students, not your acolytes. Continue reading

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Non-Profit NC CRED Has Ties to Dark Money, Cooper Ethics Complaint

After an analysis of NC CRED’s affiliations and dealings, American Lens has discovered questionable dark money ties and a connection to the NC Advocates for Justice PAC, which is named in a campaign finance ethics complaint filed against Governor Roy Cooper. Continue reading

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Three Monuments With Combined Age of 330 Years Is Cooper’s Latest Stunt

Governor Roy Cooper wants to move three monuments which have stood on the state’s capitol grounds in Raleigh for a combined 330 years.  Cooper wants to move the three monuments to a battlefield 50 miles away in Johnston county. Continue reading

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#WCPSS Family engagement plan has parents upset about Data Mining

A family engagement program being employed in North Carolina’s largest school district has some parents concerned about data mining. Continue reading

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Seattle Mayor Resigns After 5th Child Sex Abuse Allegation

After six months and a barrage of child sex abuse allegations, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray has announced his resignation. Continue reading

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Durham Communists Promote Statue Toppling Nationwide

Communists gathered in Durham this morning to announce a ‘national movement’ to criminally remove Confederate monuments and statues they find offensive.

The collection of activists included Antifa, Black Lives Matter, communists, anarchists, and socialists. Continue reading

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