Congrats, Parkland Activists. You’ve launched the next “me too.”

Last week, North Carolina school kids lost their damn minds. There were no less than six threats to schools – many specifically stating a student was going to ‘shoot up the school’.

  1. Hope Mills student arrested after threat to ‘shoot up the school’ made to teacher showing up an hour late for class
  2. 3 teens arrested for Myrtle Grove Middle School threats – “shoot up the school during an assembly.”
  3. Freedom, NC student charged with communicating threats – “shoot up the school.”
  4. Camden High NC student jailed for gun violence threat “If I had a gun or could get my hands on some guns, I would do the same thing.”
  5. 15-year-old student at NC’s Perquimans County Middle In Custody after making threat to School
  6. Two Pender County NC teens charged with school threats; one was only 14.  

Congrats, Parkland Activists. You’ve launched the next “me too.”

Here are just some of the search results that came up for “shoot up school.”
Note the dates –  all are from late February.

  1. Florida high school student arrested after threatening to ‘shoot up’ Tallahassee’s Godby High
  2. Student, 13, threatens to ‘shoot up’ East Ridge Middle School, cops say
  3. Two Novi Middle School students arrested for threatening to shoot up school
  4. Police: Student Threatened To Shoot Up School With AR-15
  5. Teen Charged in threat to ‘shoot up’ W. Melbourne school
  6. 21 YO Dreamer Arrested for threating to ‘shoot up’ Rochester School
  7. 16 YO Santa Rosa Girl Investigated for School Threat; made four past threats
  8. 12 YO Girl believed responsible for CA school shooting threats
  9. Portage Student Responsible for Shooting Threat Claims Gang Affiliation
  10. Winton Woods student arrested, threatened to ‘shoot up the school’
  11. New Tech Odessa student arrested for threatening to shoot up school
  12. Massachusetts High School Student Threatens to ‘Shoot Up’ School With AR-15
  13. Waco Boy who threatened to shoot up local school arrested
  14. 19-year-old arrested on suspicion of threatening to ‘shoot up’ Inland Empire high school
  15. Colleton County student arrested after threatening to ‘shoot up’ high school, deputies say
  16. Former Student Arrested After Allegedly Threatening to ‘Shoot Up’ High School in Chino Hills
  17. Blount County teen accused of threatening to shoot up his school
  18. Hesperia student suspended after threatening to ‘shoot up’ the school
  19. Conway high school student behind bars after threatening to ‘shoot up’ school

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A.P. Dillon is a reporter currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_ Tips:
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