Soros Funded Arrests at the NC Legislature [Video]

During special sessions spanning two days held at the North Carolina Legislature last week around 59 protesters were arrested during an NC NAACP ‘Moral Monday’ led set of protests. 19 were arrested on December 15th and 39 were arrested on December 16th.

The charges were mostly second-degree trespass and violating the legislature building rules.  However, a few of those arrested had resisting officer charges, failure to disperse and one protester had an outstanding ‘Failure to Appear’ charge stemming from a previous Moral Monday protest arrest.

Local media covered the basics, but American Lens provides the full picture.  Many of these protesters are ‘repeat offenders’.


All of these records are publicly available via the Wake County Bureau of Identification website.

Many of those arrested on the December 15th and 16th had been arrested at prior events.

To the far right of the image below is Dr. Timothy Tyson, who was featured in the video. Dr. Tyson has been arrested in NC NAACP led events four times over the last 6 years.

Tyson is a paid researcher for the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee history project. Who pays for Tyson’s research? It is Soros funded via the Tides Foundation.

Soros money also has fueled the NC NAACP, who in one year received $120,000 for ‘legal defense purposes’ according to a leaked Open Society Institute document titled, “Democracy and Power Fund State Funding.”

Records going back to 2010 show $2 million dollars from Soros’ Open Society Institute was set aside for legal fights in both Texas in North Carolina. It is unclear if bail or other protest-related incursions are Soros Funded.

Being arrested at a Moral Monday event is usually not random, and this fact was reported several years ago by The Atlantic. Those who are arrested at these events volunteer to do so and attendees of Moral Monday confirmed it.

Multiple members of the NC NAACP were arrested and the NC NAACP’s Twitter account made sure to document them.

The Good Reverend Gatewood has been arrested for protesting four times in the last three years.


This was Ms. Cox’s first time being arrested as an NC NAACP employee.

There was a “crying grandmother” that the Daily Kos and other media reported was arrested.  Her name is Kimberly Yaman and her serene mug shot below.

Why have they listed their sex as male when they were arrested? Was this a clerical error?


Also arrested was Joe Killian, a reporter for the Left-leaning Policy Watch.  Killian claimed to be doing his job covering the news and was arrested anyway even after allegedly showing his credentials.

Santa was also arrested. Ho Ho Ho.

This article originally appeared at American Lens News on December 19, 2016. 

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