Special Rainbow Snowflakes Fell In Chapel Hill – #HB2 #NCGA

Fellow blogger BobLee Says, put up an article yesterday that was  titled, Stoopidest Moment in HB2 History (so far). Go read it. I promise, it’s worth your time.
Rainbow SnowflakesIt was certainly worth my time to learn that the useful idiot students at UNC Chapel Hill decided to block traffic over HB 2.

Special Snowflakes are even more special when they’re rainbow-colored, I guess.

Anyhow, BobLee Says’ article links to the story at Chapelboro.com.  What I am excerpting below is not typo’d, it is how it was reported. The underlined emphasis is mine:

Organizer June Beshea said it was part of the plan.

“I’m excited at this moment,” said Beshea.

She was planning on staying until she was made to leave.

“I hope that get rid of the bill, I mean the law, but I’m going to get that I am going to get arrested tonight.”

The police let a few buses through but shortly afterwards, those that had move to the sidewalk returned to the street, where they continued to chant.

Traffic was blocked for almost three hours before the protest ended. No arrests were made.

It’s possible Beshea’s quote is a misquote, but the content is hilarious given she was so excited to get arrested and no arrests were made.

Let’s take a quick look at one more outlet before we talk about Ms. Beshea some more. Let’s hop on over to Indyweek, the liberal paper so far left it falls off the edge of the spectrum.

Fair warning, salty and NSFW language from here on down.

Indyweek article title: Look Out, Lawmakers: Protesters Are Ready to “Shut Shit Down!” Over HB2

Opening paragraphs:

Surrounded by around a thousand trans, gay, lesbian, non-gender-conforming and other supporters of human rights and decency, Olive Fadole took a turn at the mic that was plugged into a small guitar practice amp, and said what was surely on the minds of those who attended the Chapel Hill rally on Tuesday evening. 
“I am beyond disgusted. I will not stand for this fucking hate law. Fuck you, Pat McCrory.”

In a gathering that blocked portions of Franklin and North Columbia streets for a few hours, protesters against the new HB2 law gathered around 6 p.m. at the Peace and Justice Plaza in front of the post office. From there, they marched to that Columbia intersection, and that’s they formed a circle, blocking traffic both ways. Some leaned on a CHPD car that was parked across the intersection for their protection.

Within that “power circle,” Fadole and others — trans people, gays, lesbians and people of color were given priority in that space — had the opportunity to speak their minds about the HB2 legislation that deliberately put discrimination into state law.

“Power Circle”?
Is that like the campus ‘Safe Spaces’ for Special Rainbow Snowflakes?

A “thousand” people showed up?
There we go with media crowd inflation again. Lefty social justice outfit, Ignite NC, says it was 500. But it looks like less than that in their own tweeted video:

But wait, there are three more F-bombs from one Delores Chandler who works at the Orange County Rape Crisis Center:

“I teach your children,” said Chandler. “I’m transgender, nonconforming, queer as fuck. I am a sex educator. I teach your childrenI teach them about consent. I teach them about sexual harassment, and how it is not like flirting, I teach that if you have the style, that you can wear whatever the fuck you want; how you can go wherever the fuck you want. And that you can pee wherever you want.” 

Lovely person, eh?  You will be made to care… because F-bomb, or something.

Not only have we been yelled at with the f-bomb three times in one statement, but parents got a nice veiled threat — “I teach your children.”

Let’s go back to the organizer, June Beshea. 

The following is all public info, available via a simple Google search.

According to Beshea’s Instagram, Beshea’s name isn’t June, it’s Jasmine.

On Twitter the Beshea’s account is @Jaekey_Deion and the description says, “They/Them. Poet. Black Activist. Queer.”  Pay attention to the banner picture.

From “they/them” Twitter account of @Jaekay_Deion:


That’s “they/them” on the ground locking arms, excited to be arrested. Must have sucked to not actually get arrested, but just to have only blocked traffic and succeed in ticking off the locals trying to get through there.

According to “they/them” LinkedIn, “they/them” is an Resident Adviser and lab assistant at a cancer center.

According to Beshea’s blog “they/them” is a poet/writer.  One of her writings is clearly approving of the vandalism of Silent Sam, which is not surprising given she was the organizer of the “real Silent Sam” movement.

The bio on Beshea’s piece that includes Silent Sam, “June Beshea is slam poet and artivist who makes her home in Atlanta, GA. She is currently a senior at UNC-Chapel Hill where she has launched her initiative, #BlackHeal, to create healing spaces for Black people in the triangle area.”

According to an interview article on UNC Chapel Hill’s “feminist magazine” called The Siren, her long-term goals are “to get a Ph.D. in Africana Studies with a focus on womanism” and to go live out “on a commune somewhere … harvesting beans“.

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  1. Arvid says:

    I’m just as scared of these people as you are. They need to learn which drinking fountain they belong at if you catch my meaning. This ain’t over. Lock them up and take away their citizenship. Probably muslims too.


  2. Very scary that a transgender is working at the Rape Crisis Center because the last thing a woman who has been raped wants to deal with is a dick.


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  4. NCSU68Grad says:

    WHERE oh WHERE were the signs extolling Chanc Folt, AD Bubba and Ole Roy Williams to BOYCOTT the NCAA Tourney in Houston. The Alternative Lifestyle Mayor of Houston rammed (don’t GO THERE) through a LBGTXYZ law that was a clone of the Charlotte Law. However, they FORGOT to leave out the REFERENDUM clause. It was VOTED DOWN by a 67 – 33 Vote. SO, they TOOK AWAY THE LBGTXYZ rights.

    NOW why would the NCAA allow their PRIZED Tourney to be there? Why has NOT the MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, NASCAR, Pepsi and countless OTHER entities Boycotted it.?

    Why did CUOMO – the NC Traveler BANNER not sign an executive order preventing Syracuse and ALL NYS Public Employees from TRAVELING TO HOUSTON?

    Seems like I must have overlooked the protests….

    Hypocrocy at its finest….one would believe that it is an election year….


  5. Cyclops618 says:

    I sure hope she realizes her dreams—somewhere else.


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