Dear Allison Mahaley of “Americans United” …

There is a March 2nd letter about the Opportunity Scholarship program penned by one Allison Mahaley in the News and Observer.

I’ve written extensively on Opportunity Scholarships over the last year. These scholarships hold an incredible 80% public favorability rating.  Read about this scholarship program’s details as laid out in SB 402.

The most hilarious section of Mahaley’s letter was this one, where she contradicts herself inside the first two sentences:

I believe parents should be able to choose to send their children to parochial schools if they want. I believe parents have the right to indoctrinate their children into any religious belief they choose. But my tax dollars should not be used to promote someone else’s religious beliefs. I happily pay my taxes to promote the common good, and I want my locally elected officials to oversee what happens in the schools my tax dollars support.

Indoctrinate. That’s how Ms. Mahaley views religion and how she views parental educational choice.

It’s perfectly fine for Ms. Mahaley to define Christ for the rest of us though. Note she tags “UUA” in her tweet. The UUA was the astroturf for the Moral Monday protests in Winston-Salem last year.

I have some questions for Ms. Mahaley, since she is what one would call a ‘useful idiot’.

Number One
Why does Ms. Mahaley hate low income and minority parents choosing the best education experience for their children?

First, it’s not a voucher, it’s an Opportunity Scholarship program.

Second, The Opportunity Scholarship program is for low income families.

Third, these Scholarships are wildly popular and demand far surpasses what the program can actually support. Parents are speaking loudly: they want choice.

Fourth, those taking advantage of it are mainly minority families. Who the hell are you to tell them they what they can or can’t choose for their child?  I think it will become apparent who the hell Ms. Mahaley is when we get to question three.

Number Two
Why does Ms. Mahaley incorrectly say this money was meant for public schools?

The Opportunity Scholarship program has it’s own set of funds. It’s not stealing from public education. That’s a lie.

Number Three
Why does Ms. Mahaley not elaborate that “Americans United” is short for Americans United for Separation of Church and State?

Why would Ms. Mahaley be such a giant hypocrite leave out that her organization is a 501(c)3  which receives tax payer support and in 2013 had gross receipts of 15, 926,929?

Small wonder this woman is railing about parents choosing to send their children to a parochial school. She’s part of an far Left, Progressive organization that clearly hates religion and especially hates religion being anywhere near a school. In fact, one of this organization’s main missions is to make sure parental choice in the form of ‘vouchers’ is blocked.

The Americans United for Separation of Church and State’s own history page rails about the “Religious Right”.  This is an organization so far left it has a lengthy Discover the Networks profile.

Ms. Mahaley is probably one of those wing nuts who thinks the Pledge of Allegiance should be banned in schools because it has the word God in it.

Mahaley’s letter is appalling, inaccurate and part of the reason our schools are failing in the first place.

Ms. Mahaley has made a habit of misrepresenting and in come cases, outright lying, about these Opportunity Scholarship. Anyone who thinks this letter wasn’t part of a larger strategy, think again.

Ms. Mahaley also taught in NC public schools – in one instance as a Social Studies teacher. Parents, one might have to wonder, ‘what did this woman ramble about in front of my kid’?

You know what Ms. Mahaley? God probably forgives you. But that doesn’t mean I have to.

Have faith though, Ms. Mahaley — I am sure Reverend Barber forgives you.

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