Cabarrus Jobs Now’s Nasty Tactics In #NC82 – #ncga #ncpol

It’s been brought to my attention that Cabarrus Jobs Now (CJN) has put out an attack ad on Rep. Larry Pittman.

I’ve written about this collection of village idiots before — you might recognize some of them as the RINO’s who sought Democrat votes in 2014.

I’ve got a copy of the ad, but the sound and quality are bad so you need to turn up the sound to hear it well.

Stay ClassyIt’s a regular attack ad in that it’s laughably wrong on nearly every point, but where it gets nasty is that apparently CJN swiped a picture from a Facebook page and included it in the ad.

Why is that nasty? That picture has a private citizen in it.

Jeez, Stay classy Cabarrus Jobs Now!

The citizen in question is Nancy Brewer. I reached out to her for comment. Mrs. Brewer sent me a statement, written by her husband:

I took the picture in question on 08 Mar 2014 when my wife was speaking to the Cabarrus County Extension & Community Association and Larry Pittman was also in attendance. This was just weeks before she was diagnosed with cancer. I would personally like to thank #LarryPittman for his prayers and messages of support to our family over this time. The accusations in this ad about him being a career politician are absurd. He is only in his second 2 year term however he IS a career minister and I am thankful for him. All my support goes to him for 82nd District NC House.

According to campaign finance documents at the Cabarrus Board of Elections, CJN paid over $6,291 for media items in the past.

It appears that in early 2016,  CJN paid over $64,000 for this attack ad on Pittman.  It was $64,812 to be exact. That’s a lot of cash for a really crappy ad.

I haven’t been able to find this attack ad published online.  It’s not even on Cabarrus Jobs Now’s YouTube channel. Gee, why not?  Aren’t they proud of their steaming pile of crap ad that uses images of private citizens?

If this ticked you off, feel free to go and hit Rep. Pittman’s page. Learn about him and while you are there, maybe help him out.

* This article has been updated.

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  3. Vivian Cohan says:

    Cabarrus Jobs now…you are so nasty and liars.


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