NCAE’s Organize2020 Is Back Pushing Political Protests In NC Schools

The Union loving protest arm of the NCAE is back pushing political protests in our schools.

Dr. Terry Stoops at John Locke caught wind of an Organize2020 Facebook post. In it, Organize2020 is trying to organize another Walk-In in our schools. They are shooting for April 27th.

The last one didn’t go so well, with parents seriously teed off about their kids being put in a situation where their school grounds were being used for what was essentially a political protest.

WALK IN ORGANIZE 2020In the case of my kid’s school — union propaganda in the form of a protest flyer with Organize2020 name on it was sent home… in his homework folder.  Yeah, the school heard from our family loud and clear that it was inappropriate to have kids ferry home political/union propaganda fliers.

I get teachers have gripes, but you may NOT use children or their schools to further your complaints.

I have zero.. ZERO.. ZIP.. NADA.. NUNCA respect for Organize2020 and their thug tactics.

They’ve beclowned themselves and have thrown in with the Union backed Fight for $15 protests as well as officially endorsing the Black Lives Matter movement.  That fits right in with the tax payer funded Teach For America employees who have been running these protests and bailing those arrested out of jail.

Organize2020 isn’t about teachers or education, it’s about unionization. Period.

As a parent, this is unacceptable activity taking place on tax payer funded property and worst of all, it involves kids.

If I get wind it will happen at our school again, my kid stays home that day with Grandma.

And I will show up with my camera to document the whole thing to include with the complaint I will file with the Wake County Board about political and union tied protests on a taxpayer funded property.

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