A Case Study In NC Media Bias


Last week, I reported on the McCrory camp nailing WRAL’s bias to the wall in an email exchange.  I also just recently pointed out that the Lt. Governor wasn’t going to take the media spin lying down either.

This week, it’s far Left groups feeding media outlets entire stories.
For anyone doubting media bias is real in North Carolina, consider the case of WNCT reported, Jessica Jewell reporting nearly verbatim material supplied to her by far Left outfit, Progress NC.

I asked the question:

The fellow ‘Logan’ mentioned about is Logan Smith, the communications director for Progress NC that I’ve called out for false narratives in NC education.. I’ve already point out how math challenged Mr. Smith is.

This is the answer I received:

So, the reporter admits Progress NC gave her the material. As Dr. Stoops  points out, the reports by Jewell and Progress NC are nearly verbatim.

I then replied, stating the obvious:

I also asked a very relevant question — who did she ‘verify’ the information with?

So far, no response.

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