You Will Be Made To Care: Trans Edition [Video]

I’ve been covering the ongoing transgender bathroom fight both nationally and in the state of North Carolina.

See my prior articles at Civitas on this topic for reference:
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I decided to cover this issue because of the intense use of targeted lawfare by federal agencies like the U.S. Dept. of Education, combined with the favorite weapon of social justice warriors — shaming.  It’s a potent combination that has the potential to kill free speech and violate civil rights of the majority of students and parents nationwide.

Personally, I could care less what any one person ‘identifies’ as.  However, if a dude in skirt dropped down in the stall next to me in the ladies room or was changing in the locker room at the gym next to me — yeah, I’ve got an issue with that.

A guy is a guy.  FULL STOP.
A guy has guy parts and, at the juncture of being in a bathroom with me, I don’t give a damn what they “identify” as in their blessed little head – no pun intended. Every fiber in my being is yelling,  “IT’S A DUDE… IN MY PERSONAL SPACE”. 

Now apply that scenario to your  however old child at school.  Feeling good about that? No?
Well, if  you don’t nod your head and go along with what is a basic substitution of actual reality for that of a ‘self-identified’ reality, you get labeled a bully and are smeared in the media these days.  Good times!

My own coverage overlaps in these key areas with that of a video recently put out by Brandon Morse.  You might remember Brandon from the early days of Misfit Politics or his work at Reveal Politics in Colorado.

At any rate, his video called ‘Trans’ pretty much hits multiple nails on the head, especially the message to SJW’s or ‘trans’ people out there employing the ‘you will be made to care’ method. (Warning: the content is probably a little on the NSFW side.)



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