News and Observer Is Obsessed with Common Core – #ncpol #mediabias

The News and Observer editorial board is obsessed with Common Core. More specifically, they’re obsessed with defending Common Core, maybe because it allows them to smear the legislature at the same time.

Exhibit A and B:

October 23rd
Defending Common Core

November 20th
NC should support Common Core 

I was going to write a response, but Bob Luebke’s article over at Civitas pretty much says everything I would have — but just in a nicer manner. As a parent, I’m ready to chuck tomatoes at their headquarters… oh wait.. they had to sell their headquarters.

Anyway, go read it.  The title of his article pretty much says it all: Support for Common Core Blinds N&O Editors.

Two Op-eds in a just month’s time tells me they are concerned that the Academic Standards Review Commission might actually be doing the job they were tasked with — replacing Common Core.

Neither Op-ed seems to look at actual fact, but instead relies on a healthy dose of hyperbole, political rhetoric and smears. Shame on them all. They’re not using their Common Core Critical Thinking Skills!

As I’ve said before, media regularly uses their platform to bully the public and drive a chosen narrative. Stop shrugging your shoulders and taking it. Parents and citizens should sound off in the comments of articles or of op-eds like the ones I’ve shared in this article.

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