Parents, Do You Know What Goes On In Your Kid’s School? – #NCed

Recently, I wrote an article for Civitas on a fight at Apex high that was caught on video and made the rounds on social media.  When I looked deeper into Wake county schools and crime, I found that the police being called to area high schools was disturbingly common.

This is not an isolated set of events. This is going on all over North Carolina.

Keep the following information in mind as the creeping wave of practicing “restorative justice” in schools begins to swell. Also keep it in mind the next time you hear ‘school to prison pipeline‘ being uttered.

In the article I cited from WRAL, a student called this “normal”.

Apex High sophomore Taylor Griffin said fights happen about once a month. Since the beginning of the school year Raleigh Police have responded to 209 fight calls at the city’s eight high schools.

“It was a little scary, but it’s almost become a normal thing,” she said.

Now consider some of these stories, all of which came out just in the last month:

If that wasn’t a frightening enough sample, head over and check out Carolina PlottHound’s “Not A HomeSchool” collection.

By the way, the Principal at Harding high has been suspended for threatening a teacher and an investigation regarding a nude photo posted on Instagram is also going on.

It didn’t happen in a school, but it’s worth noting that five teens were charged in a  ‘violent sexual assault‘ on a teenage girl in Mint Hill.

Charlotte Mecklenburg schools has clammed up on what’s happening in their schools and just refused a request by WBTV for data on how often police are responding to incidents in their schools.

Parents, what is going on at your child’s school?

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  3. BigHal Nunn says:

    One of my boys in middle school took a portable game system to school one day. The teacher took it away and gave to the principal. I got a call from the school office saying it had happened and if we wanted to get the game system back, I would have to come to the principals office. Well off I went to the principals office. When i got there i was all apologetic and said, I will take care of this at home. The principal opened his drawer and pulled out the game system, handed it to me and said “no big worries mr. nunn, I’m really more concerned about this” and then pulled out a 4 inch straight blade knife taken from another child.


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