NC Common Core Commission Meeting Highlights – 11/13/15

Dont mend it end itThe North Carolina Academic Standards Review Commission (ASRC) held its monthly meeting on Friday, November 13th.

Coastal Carolina Taxpayers Association has graciously provided minutes from the meeting. In addition to the minutes, I live Tweeted the meeting.

I believe this commission has done a thorough job and performed the kind of due diligence that will result in substantial changes in their recommendations.

I am certain that in the coming weeks an all out assault will be launched on the commission by local and national level “education non-profits“. This assault will take shape in the form of press releases and op-eds in local media outlets. We’ve already seen a sampling from both Wake Ed Partnership and the Wake County School Board.

It is imperative that parents and the public fight back – write your own letter to the media, comment on articles you see and speak up on social media. The days of business owning the discussion table and all the chairs around it needs to end.


  • NC DPI presented information about the recently released NAEP scores.
  • The Commission also requested and was given NC End of Grade (EOG) and End of Course (EOC) results.
  • Discussion about finalizing the commission’s report which will be given to the State Board of Education and the General Assembly.
  • It was determined a complete draft of the report would be compiled in the coming weeks and would be circulated to the entire commission for comments and review.
  • The commission is expected to vote on the finalized report at the next and final meeting on Friday, December 18th.

Meeting Materials via the ASRC website:

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