Wake County Board Clueless In General On Common Core [VIDEO] – #wcpss

Government here to help common coreIn case you missed it, earlier this week in a work session, the Wake County School Board showed just how clueless they are about the status of Common Core in the state.

The News and Observer reported on commentary from that meeting wherein board members defended a set of line item standards and attacked parents who stood up to advocate for their child.

To make matters worse, Board Member Jim Martin expanded on the board’s general cluelessness by disparagingly misrepresenting comments made by a Wake county parent to the Common Core Commission the day before.

Now we have video of Martin’s remarks.

Not only does the board as a whole seem to not know what is going on with the Common Core Commission that has been meeting for over a year, Martin makes a truly sad, apples-to-wrenches type comparison by comparing Common Core and going from one class in college to another.

There is no other word to describe this video other than CLUELESS.



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