Correcting the Spin – Cruz And Rubio on Immigration

IMG_2651Before we get to the meat of this story, let me say up front that I support Ted Cruz for President.

The end.
Do not pass go.
Do not collect $200 dollars.


Having said that, I’m sure some people will yell, ‘she’s biased!’, to which I will ask them to read the whole thing and then ask themselves where the real bias is.

Through the Twitter and blogosphere, a narrative has emerged.

A laughable narrative, indeed: Ted Cruz is soft on illegal immigration… because of his proposed 2013 amendment to Gang of Eight legislation.

Cruz himself even laughed.

Where did such a laughable narrative come from? Likely Rubio camp oppoistion research. Opposition research which clearly underestimated Cruz’s gamesmanship, intelligence and political moxy, not to mention insulting the intelligence of the American people.

Clearly, they thought the public was too dumb to follow such a nuanced bit of policy footwork.  Fail. This underestimation has resulted in the inevitable DERP boomerang now heading back at them.

NRO’s Andrew McCarthy has picked up on this laugh-fest.

McCarthy explains; emphasis is mine:

Cruz has cast himself as the Republican field’s most consistent voice against “amnesty” for illegal aliens. Yet Rubio, with an assist from former Senator Rick Santorum, claims that Cruz has actually advocated granting legal status to illegal aliens.

Taken out of context, the charge seems colorable. But under the circumstances as they actually occurred, the proposal Cruz made was a case of intelligent legislating designed to expose the fraudulence of the pro-amnesty position. It was, in this way, reminiscent of smart legislating by Rubio (and, for that matter, by Cruz) that highlighted the folly of President Obama’s Iran deal.

It would be disingenuous to portray Rubio, an ardent Iran-deal opponent, as an Iran-deal supporter on this basis. Yet that is exactly what Rubio is trying to do to Cruz on immigration.


Go read the whole thing.

McCarthy drives home what some media are missing and that is what really went down and he does so in full, ‘blather’ exposing techni-color:

Against that background, Senator Cruz, who was a vigorous opponent of the Gang of Eight bill, proposed an amendment that would have stripped the possibility of a path to citizenship from the grant of legal status. The point of the proposal was not to grant a form of legal status to the illegal aliens — they were already to be granted legal status by the Rubio-Schumer legislation.

Cruz’s objective was to illustrate the fraudulence of the “out of the shadows” blather. Obviously, if the Gang of Eight had been sincere, a grant of limited legal status would have accomplished their purported humanitarian objective. But Cruz knew the Left would bitterly object, revealing that the true “comprehensive immigration reform” agenda was to mint new Democratic voters.

Indeed, Cruz made clear in proposing his amendment that the Gang of Eight would betray millions of legal immigrants who sought U.S. citizenship properly and that it therefore undermined the rule of law. And as the amnesty-friendly Huffington Post reported at the time, the point of Cruz’s amendment was to “take away one of [the Gang of Eight bill’s] central purposes: giving a pathway to citizenship to 11 million undocumented immigrants.” It is thus remarkable to find Rubio, of all people, depicting Cruz as an amnesty supporter because of Cruz’s attempt to expose the Democratic agenda that Rubio, whether out of naïveté or opportunism, was then promoting.


Memo to GOP ‘smart set‘ promulgating the Cruz/Gang of 8 Amendment blather.. and right now, you too, Hot Air:

You’re not as smart as Ted Cruz.

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  2. Anngie says:

    Darn if you’re not applying critical thinking again. Cruz is a student of the Dialectic, Rhetoric and Logic. Rubio is a student of the Madison Ave sales pitch.


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