Public Policy Bootcamp Looks More Like Social Justice Warrior Training? #nced

Public Policy Bootcamp? It looks more like Social Justice Warrior training.

The video speaks for itself:

The kid in the beginning of the clip sets the tone for the rest of this ‘montage’:

“First, we should stop referring to girls in high school as girls and instead refer to them as young woman. This is something that really is demeaning and patriarchal.”

We’re so doomed.

Obligatory: Ban all Things - Easily offended

This clip is the second video. The first video was more of the same…

This “Public Policy Bootcamp” event looks like it sprang out of a SAS STEM camp. It was apparently held at the ‘Institute for Emerging Issues‘ at NCSU, at least according to the teacher who wrote the article about it for EducationNC, George Barilich.

In the video, Barilich says what they are doing is to get ‘real world experience’.

In a follow-up article, we see Mebane Rash, the CEO of EducationNC, involved in the event.  The article is written by Nation Hahn – who is also in the video clip above.

Hahn is a ‘consultant and columnist‘ for EducationNC. Read his full LinkedIn profile, he basically does media and branding for a living – what is he doing leading a talk at an alleged education event?

Hahn also sits on the Community Leadership Council for the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation. Reminder: Blueprint NC’s biggest donor, the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation, has given EducationNC $350,000 over the last few years.

Also of note, Hahn’s  wife was murdered by Jonathan Broyhill a few years ago.

Also in the video is the COO of Education NC. Gee, where there any staffers who weren’t in on this “public policy” event allegedly created by teachers?

The Question Remains
How is an outlet that is supposed to covering education news in NC going to remain unbiased and non-partisan when they are in the story?

The first rule for news outlets is you don’t become the news.

Again, this is just more proof EducationNC is not a news outlet, but a PR firm with the express purpose of driving specific narratives.

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