Gates Backed Hope Street Group Push Agenda Using Wake Taxpayer Resources

Below is an email sent to me by a teacher unamused at the Bill Gates backed ‘education non-profit’ using Wake county official email to push their non-profit’s agenda items.

Gee, sounds familiar.

From: “Angie Scioli” <>
Date: 10/02/2015 12:20PM
Subject: Wake teachers seek your input on ed policy

Hi Fellow Wake County Teachers,

We are inviting you to join us in an effort to give teachers a voice in educational policymaking in North Carolina.  A national nonpartisan, nonprofit group, the Hope Street Group, in partnership with the NC Department of Public Instruction and State Board of Education, is gathering input from North Carolina classroom teachers.

Thirty statewide Hope Street Teacher Voice Network Fellows are leading focus groups and launching surveys to craft a plan of action to further support N.C. teachers.  We are the three Fellows from Wake County, and are asking for your help and participation in building a collective voice to encourage positive change in N.C. school systems.  

Join our professional learning network via this Google form to receive policy updates and teacher leadership opportunities.  

When you do, you will receive the fall policy survey (brief, 15 questions) and information about upcoming focus groups.  Collected data will be analyzed and full reports will be shared with the State Board.  It is the stated goal of this partnership that the State Board will take action on 70% of the recommendations that come from the report.  Data from the reports will also form the basis for talking points we use as we build relationships with members of the General Assembly.  We will conduct a second “wave” of data collection this spring.  

When you get the survey link, please share it far and wide.  We have a goal to gather input from 10% of NC teachers this round, and 25% next year.  

Join our network to help us raise teacher professionalism and ultimately enhance North Carolina students’ educational experience.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Akinyi Edmonds, Heritage Middle School
Trey Ferguson, Leesville Road High School
Angie Scioli, Leesville Road High School

NC Teacher Voice Fellows

Gee,  using tax payer resources to promote Hope Street Group activities, including collecting teacher emails for their distribution purposes.

I don’t give a good God damn if they are ‘partners’ with DPI or not, this is NOT an appropriate use of a resource the taxpayer funds. Bill Gates has given them piles of money, use your own damn email.

Why is this group needed to get input from North Carolina teachers? Isn’t that DPI’s job?

This ‘partnership’ represents yet another thing that DPI, under the direction of Superintendent Atkinson, has farmed out to a ‘non-profit’ funded by big business.

Bill Gates Dead CatUnfamiliar with Hope Street Group and the ‘Teacher Voice Network’ charade? Read on.

“national nonpartisan, nonprofit group, the Hope Street Group”

YEAH, right!

They’re a Common Core propaganda group running around various states trying to recruit teachers to ‘turn the tide’ on public opinion of the standards.

They pull in other teachers by saying they are really trying to affect  broader policies. That’s total crap.  Go check out their Arne Duncan approved  The Teacher Common Core Playbook.

Read my series on them:

Now that you’re caught up on Hope Street Group, do you remember Angela Scioli of protest group, Red4EdNC?    I’ve mentioned her here on the blog a few times.

She showed up at the Common Core Commission as ‘just a mom’ touting the wonders of Common Core math.

Scioli’s also the teacher who can’t go to the grocery store on over $60k a year and was featured in that ridiculous Op-Ed by the millionaire social justice warrior and all around leftist, Gene Nichol.

With all this activity of Scioli’s, when does she teach?



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7 Responses to Gates Backed Hope Street Group Push Agenda Using Wake Taxpayer Resources

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  3. Shaelynn Warkentin says:

    When does Angela Scioli teach? The real question is, when does Angela Scioli NOT teach? As a graduate from Leesville, and having taken Ms. Scioli’s American History and Sociology classes, I can attest to the fact that she is constantly an educator. In the classroom, before school, during lunch, after school, and on breaks, Ms. Scioli works as hard as she can to make sure every detail is communicated to students, and every topic is reinforced to the highest degree of their understanding. Through high school, I saw many different teachers and teaching styles, but none took as much of an interest in individual students’ learning as Angela Scioli. She made sure nothing got in the way of education, sacrificing countless lunch hours for students to receive extra help and work on test corrections.

    Recognizing that time in class is rarely enough to investigate topics in depth, Ms. Scioli has also flipped her classroom in such a way that students have access to supplementary lectures on her YouTube channel. This collection of over 50, 10-20 minute videos were used weekly in Ms. Scioli’s classroom through my American History class, and the amount of information I acquired and withheld from the course greatly surpasses that of all other history classes I’ve taken. I was lucky enough to be taught a second time by Ms. Scioli when I was enrolled in Sociology my senior year. This course stands out to me as my favorite in all of high school, simply because of the amount of work Ms. Scioli clearly put in in order to yield the best educational experience for our class. From social experiments to captivating lectures, not a day went by that I was not amazed at Ms. Scioli’s utter dedication to her profession. I cannot imagine preparing as much material as she had for our class, let alone for the other periods in the schedule as well!

    Ms. Scioli is the most dedicated and enthusiastic teacher I have ever had, which would explain her passion for activism in her field. Regardless of this, Ms. Scioli never once shared her political standings in the classroom, or discussed her group, Red4EdNC, during class time. In fact, the only manifestation of this group in the school was the overwhelming support of Ms. Scioli and other teachers wearing red on Wednesday.

    All that said, no need to take my word for it. Ms. Scioli has been teaching at Leesville Road High School since it opened in 1993, and since then she has recieved Wake County’s First Year Teacher of the Year award (1994), and Leesville’s Teacher of the Year award (1999). In addition, two independent film makers are currently producing a documentary about Angela Scioli entitled “Teacher of the Year”. Contrary to the original question, I am amazed that Ms. Scioli has time to protest with all of the effort she puts in to teaching! This, however, serves as a testament to what an incredible teacher, activist, and mother Angela Scioli truly is!


    • I’m so glad you missed the whole point of the article and zoomed in on the sarcastic line.

      That’s wonderful she has made an impact on you. I’m glad she’s kept her politics out of the actual classroom.

      I think Ms. Scioli is probably a very good teacher.
      I also think she’s a politically motivated activist who thinks she can do or say anything she pleases so long as it furthers her cause du jour. This article is a prime example of that, which you’ve chosen to ignore. Those videos she makes are useful, it’s nice to see her admit on camera that she is a “modern progressive”:

      Red4EDNC is driven by partisan politics and is aligned with groups that have very Left leaning ideologies. They, and other groups affiliated with them, are about attacking one political group over another using the topic of education, yet they do so while conveniently ignoring the damage incurred was done under the past administration. It’s the manipulation of selective outrage to suit a political purpose.

      Her impact on me as been somewhat different as a result of her alignment with various groups like Hope Street, which seek to promote a specific set of agenda items, and along the way silence parents in favor of big biz.

      Related reading?


  4. brackenkaren says:

    Teachers need to REFUSE to take this survey. I can guarantee it has noyhing to do with doing something good for teachers. That is the lie they use in order to convince you to comply. All parents and all teachers must REFUSE ALL surveys.


  5. Scioli is everywhere. I just happened across her name about 30 minutes ago @ the NC Museum of History.


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