#SJW Gene Nichol’s Latest “Education” Op Ed

Gene Nichol never ceases to amaze me with his works of education fiction.

The touchy-feely emotion invoking way in which this latest Nichol endeavor is written gives permission to the reader to ignore who he is and what the facts really are.

Liberal Op Ed writing 101 is now in session with this flaming piece of spin is titled, “NC Teachers being ‘voluntarily’ exploited“.

What a pile of intellectually dishonest and unhelpful rhetoric out of well-known social justice warrior, Gene Nichol. How much money do you make again, Gene? How much did your poverty center bilk out of tax payers? What an incredible hypocrite.

Narrative keanuThis article is a set of purposefully inflammatory narratives by Nichol;  they are of no help to further dialogue and pose no solutions. It’s a convenient, politically motivated slam piece.

The teachers Nichol ‘voluntarily’ exploits for his article are NaShonda Cooke, Angela Scioli, Brendan Fetters.

Of course, they are billed as ‘just teachers’ but Google knows better.

‘Just a Teacher’ Angela Scioli:
You claim to be a 20 year veteran teacher with a masters? That means you make at least somewhere around $56,700 ? Or near 66K with after the local supplement pay kicks in? Your husband is employed too? How are you not able to go to the grocery store?

Comparing your circumstances to poverty ridden children? Shame on you! Spoken like the true “activist” you are: http://red4ednc.com/meet-us/

Updated: The articles says this about Scioli’s experience,  “But last month, master’s degree, national board certification and past recognition as Wake County’s teacher of the year notwithstanding, she didn’t have the money to go to the grocery store. She is 44 and has been teaching in Raleigh for over two decades.”

I forgot the national board years on license. That means I was off by a few thousand. She should be making between 61k and 62k, plus the supplement pay for Wake County, which the average for is somewhere around $6,300.

‘Just a Teacher’ NaShonda Cooke:
How’s that bid for NEA director going?  Why are you still affiliated with the NCAE when they’ve done nothing but kept teachers in this state in a victim role?

Also — Is Moral Monday helping you any?
Did they provide this Blueprint NC style rhetoric for you?

Nashonda Cooke, an elementary school teacher in Durham, said, “There’s a hidden agenda. What our governor is doing is the very beginning steps of privatizing education. He’s trying to make it difficult for us to be successful in the classroom.”

‘Just a Teacher’ Brendan Fetters:
You have quite the resume, that lists being a NC teacher going back to 2006. How much do you make with all those certifications and experience?  Where was your outcry when Former Governor Perdue froze your salary?

Maybe your pal, the Moral Monday Wake Commissioner and NCAE attorney, can help.

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