What They’re Saying about Education In NC – (9/25/15) #NCED

NCED IconSome quick hits on what is going on in Education in North Carolina.

#1 – HB 334 will be going to the Governor

This bill moves Charter schools out from under the Dept. of Public Instruction and under the State Board of Education. This is good as we have seen what DPI has been up to with regard to the war on charters.

#2 – Big Government Comes to Kindergarten

This article is a lengthy read, but it would be irresponsible for any parent not to read the whole thing. The data collection, in  my opinion, is beyond the pale and includes capturing audio/video of your kid, which will follow them through to college.

Teachers collect data via their own written observations or via audio and video recordings. A new app allows teachers to capture the “evidence” and to store it on an electronic platform. The data will help teachers determine a “child profile” that will follow the child and help teachers determine a learning status or rating in each particular area.

I started warning people about the Kindergarten Entry Assessment, which is part of the NC K-3 Formative Assessment package, in June 2014.  Is anyone listening? Parents, you can opt out. Were you told this?

#3 – Wake County School Board has a “Blame Bush” style moment on ‘resegregation’.

The Democratic school board majority has left in place assignment changes made in 2010 and 2011 by the former Republican majority, changes that shifted low-income students to schools closer to home. Those changes also are being scrutinized by federal civil rights investigators.

“We still have to deal with a lot of the ramifications from that election,” Wake school board Chairwoman Christine Kushner, a Democrat, said of the 2009 elections that briefly put Republicans in charge.

Someone get the popcorn. Read the comments on the article.

#4 – ICYMI, I was on Freedom Action Network’s show, What Matters, yesterday. 

Civitas President Francis De Luca is filling in for Chad on the show today and tomorrow. Francis gives us an update on the legislation that has been passed since the budget has been passed. For example, a farm bill that has nothing to do with farms. Next, Education Analyst and Blogger A.P. Dillon is in studio to discuss the failures of the common core curriculum – like the ability to do basic math.

#5 – WTVD spreads education budget misinformation

Expect a slew of similar stories from NC media outlets about districts complaining about Teacher Assistant cuts when in reality the districts used the funds for TA’s for other purposes.

#6 – Superintendent Atkinson dangles a carrot.

“Atkinson said Wednesday that she is leaning toward another run in 2016, but has not yet decided. She said she expects to make a final decision next week.”

I’ve said before that I don’t think she’s running again and I stand by that. If she does, Common Core is going to be a fun thing to watch her run from.

The article is really about introducing Mark Johnson thinking about getting into the race. That would be “reMARKable“, as Johnson is fond of saying. That establishment candidate smell is all over him. Stay tuned.

#7 – Charter School ‘Take Over’ bill postponed to 2016.

A controversial plan to pilot charter takeover of low-performing district schools in North Carolina won’t come up for a vote this year, state Rep. Rob Bryan said Thursday.

Bryan, a Mecklenburg Republican with a leadership role in education, said in August that he planned to introduce a bill that would force five of the state’s lowest-scoring schools to close or convert to independently run charter schools. But he said Thursday that prolonged work on the budget squeezed out time to deal with the bill in the House education committee.
(Source: Charlotte Observer)

Gee — If these schools are in such dire straits, what’s one more year?

#8 – Read the run down of what happened at the latest NC Common Core Commission meeting.

There are only 3 meetings left. The recommendations are slated to be handed over THIS December, folks. Pay attention!

#9 – ​Metcalf resigns from Winston-Salem/Forsyth County school board

FYI – Jeannie Metcalf is also on the NC Common Core commission.  She stepped down as Co-Chair earlier this year due to similar issues mentioned in the linked article.

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