Jeb Bush Mocks Hillary For Not Answering Questions, Then Wiffs Himself

Jeb Bush has a question problem.

First, he mocks Hillary Clinton for avoiding questions:

Then he can’t answer any himself:

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. –After his most challenging week yet on the campaign trail, Jeb Bush found solace here at the tony Phoenician Resort not with a trip to the spa but by engaging in nearly five hours of closed door meetings Thursday with dozens of Republican National Committee members in town for the RNC’s quarterly meeting. He got dressed down about his support for Common Core, was asked questions he couldn’t answer and even ended up making an impromptu appearance on the radio – in Guam. But according to committeemen and state party chairs who attended the private meetings, the face-time with Bush accomplished something significant: they got a much better feel for the candidate and were impressed by his command of a wide range of policy issues. Politico

But remember, Jeb had an answer for parents who oppose the Common Core. Bush insulted them and then told them we need to be more like China. Related:

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