Jeb Bush’s 2016 Strategery: Insult Millions of Parents

In New Hampshire, Jeb Bush unveiled his new ‘strategery‘: Insult millions of parents.



Mr. Bush thinks those opposing Common Core have ‘no backbone’? Let us know how that line of attack works out for you.

The Hill reported on the ‘backbone’ quote while subtly pointing out the hypocrisy in saying the Federal government should have no role, yet Common Core was federally incentivized:

Jeb Bush was defiant on Friday in defending his support for Common Core, arguing that he wouldn’t back down from his support for the education standards just because political winds have turned against him.

“You don’t abandon your core beliefs, you go try to persuade people as I’m doing now,” Bush said at a Nashua Chamber of Commerce business roundtable in New Hampshire. “I think you need to be genuine. I think you need to have a backbone.”

Bush said it was “wrong” for the federal government to offer money to states to get them to adopt Common Core, “but that doesn’t mean the standards are wrong.”

He also argued that the federal government should play no role in creating the education standards.

“Put a big iron fence around it, bury it, over and out,” Bush said.

Politico also had a bit from Bush in New Hampshire; promoting his brother’s failed Federal law, No Child Left Behind:

Jeb Common CoreWhen asked to name the biggest misconception about Common Core, he said, “That it’s a federal takeover of education.”

He then called on Congress to reauthorize No Child Left Behind, the law championed by his brother’s administration, and praised limits the law sets on the federal government’s influence over educational standards and the content of curricula.

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  4. I find Jebby to be so loathesome that if he is the GOP nominee for 2016 then I’ll vote democrat, even if it means voting for Shrillary. THAT is how despicable I find Jeb Common Core Invading The USA Is An Act Of Love Bush – Dittos for Chris Dry Hump Obama On Post Sandy Beach Islamocoddling Bloviating Jackass Christie.


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