Jeb Bush Wants Opposition to Can It, Be More Like China.

Jeb Bush, you can wave goodbye to 2016 if you’re going to use passive-aggressive constructs like the apolo-attack on Common Core critics that you used in your keynote address this week.  The excerpt below is just flowery shutuppery.

​”​This is why the debate over the Common Core State Standards has been troubling. I respect those who have weighed in on all sides of this issue. Nobody in this debate has a bad motive. But let’s take a step back from this debate for a second. This morning over 213 million Chinese students went to school, and nobody debated whether academic expectations should be lowered in order to protect the students’ self-esteem. Yet in Orange County, Florida, that exact debate did occur. And so the school board voted to make it impossible for a student to receive a grade below a 50. You get 50 out of 100 just for showing up and signing your name. This was done, and I quote here from a local official, so the students “do not lose all hope.”​ – Truth in American Education, Jeb Bush Will Go Down Swinging On Common Core

Shorter: All you parents out there need to shut up. We know what’s best for our workforce….err, your kids.

Comparing our students and schools to the Chinese and their schools is like comparing apples to wrenches.   Perhaps Mr. Bush should consult with someone who knows that school in China is like first hand? How about a Chinese Mom’s Common Core Warning and Comparison To Communist China?


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