Health Form Created By NC DPI, DHHS Goes ‘Far beyond’ What NC Law Requires

As previously mentioned on this blog, Parents with children entering North Carolina Public Schools for Kindergarten (as well as those entering schools for the first time for any grade) in the state will be required to fill out an invasive “health assessment” form.

Currently, House Bill 13 proposes to make this health assessment part of a child’s permanent record. It will be included in the state longitudinal database system, of which another bill (HB 401) will make that data accessible by multiple state agencies.

Lindalyn Kakadelis, over at John Locke, has posted an an article talking about this exact health assessment. In her article, she chronicles how her own daughter went to enroll her child into Kindergarten and had to deal with this form.

Her daughter refused to sign the form and give parental consent as stated on the form:

“Parental Consent: I agree to allow my child’s health care provider and school personnel to discuss information on this form and allow the Department of Health and Human Services to collect and analyze information from this form to better understand health needs of children in NC.
Signature: _________________ Date:_________”

On this note of “parental consent”, Kakadelis asks, “How many parents realize they are signing away their child’s confidential medical information, and their parental rights?”

Kakadelis also notes that this form does not follow the current state statues, which simply require proof of vaccinations, age and residency:

The NC General Statute 130A-440 requires a health assessment, and General Statute 130A-441 gives the Department of Health and Human Services and Department of Public Instruction the authority to create the form to be used. However, the form goes far beyond what the law requires. The form should require evidence that a medical health assessment was completed on the child, not reporting of specific, confidential medical data.

However, this does explain how DPI expects to gain information from the child’s pediatrician as it develops each “child’s profile.” At the February’s State Board of Education meeting, members were given a presentation on the new Kindergarten – Third Grade Assessment. On slide #11, the presentation clearly states the assessment will include data from “teachers, parents, and pediatricians.”

In the excerpt above, Kakadelis points out another serious issue that many parents might still not be aware of.  I blogged about in June, 2014: The Kindergarten Entry Assessment or KEA.

Quick Recap
This “health assessment” form requires a child’s detailed medical evaluation results and a ‘parental consent’ statement allowing NC DPI and NC DHHS to “analyze” your child’s medial record.

This “health assessment” collects data that goes way beyond what is required by state statute.

This “health assessment” seems to be tied to the KEA. The “health assessment” plus the information collected from the KEA represents an unprecedented act of data collection on our children. Data that, according to HB 401, will be accessible by multiple state agencies.

With the help of HB 401 this health data, along with data from other programs like universal pre-k, will allow multiple entities to follow your child from cradle to grave.

By the way, in Wake County Schools, the Kindergarten paperwork is also invasive in some spots. It’s really not their business to ask if your baby was “full-term” or asking about “trauma”, “family stress” or about your child’s personal/social development.  While these might be well-intentioned questions, the answers will likely be turned into data sets.


Action Button What parents can do
1. Download the form below. Send it to your representative or senator. Ask them if they have seen the form that HB 13 is including.

2. Refuse to sign it.

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