One Wake Commissioner Has A Temper (Updated)

Updates at the bottom.


Stay classy, Rep. Cotham and Commissioner Burns.

Nice temper there, Mr. Burns. What an approachable and responsible elected official.

“Wow”… Can that faux outrage, Rep. Cotham. The bill is only one page long.

Meanwhile, Commissioner Calabria repeated the Wake Democrat’s press release  nearly verbatim.

“More at Four” said they were looking forward to serving and working with the whole community but from the tone and repetition of talking points out of these 2 newly elected Commissioners, that appears to have just been talk.


Fun Facts For The Democrats Howling This Is “gerrymandering”:

Wake County is currently the largest county in North Carolina population-wise having rolled over a million residents this year. That means Wake’s tax base and  tax collection is large and continues to grow.  In fact, historically Wake county has usually been second in the state for income, with Orange often in first and Mecklenburg in third.

Wake county school district is the largest in the state and is the 16th largest in the country.

Both Mecklenburg and Guildford county (the next two largest in population) have county commissioner boards larger than Wake does. Mecklenburg has 9 and Guildford has 9. Wake has 7.

By the way, when was the number of Wake Commissioner’s last updated? 1981 maybe?


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4 Responses to One Wake Commissioner Has A Temper (Updated)

  1. Xena Eriksen says:

    This blog post lacked substance, and was all over the place. I am not particularly fond of John D. Burns but as for SB 181, it is cowardly. I have had heated Facebook debates with Democrats before, it’s healthy to argue. I would also like to point out what she used as two examples was from the same conversation. Also George Fisher you must admit telling someone through Facebook comments that you think they have anger management issues is also intimidation.There are problems on both sides. Gerrymandering is unacceptable no matter who it affects. And, I’m saying that as a Democrat. As a Wake county resident I stand by all 4 my county commissioners against this bill. I would also like to say people all over Wake county worked very hard to get them elected.


    • Explain why SB 181 is cowardly. Also, explain why Mr. Burns tweet isn’t.
      As to substance, the fact you took time to comment speaks to it clearly having some.


  2. It seems Mr. Burns is an equal opportunity intermediator – reaching across Party lines. He is clearly not the representation Wake County needs and as a Democrat -Burns is an embarrassment. I find it interesting that he’s an attorney licensed by the State Bar. His intimidation of me stems from a legal issue with one of his Democratic clients regarding the adjudication of a matter before the administrative body of the North Carolina Democratic Party, Maybe I should tell that story.


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