Wake Dems Respond To Barefoot Commissioner Bill: “Un-American”

The Wake Democrats have responded to Senator Barefoot’s bill attempting to bring the Wake County Commissioners districts into alignment with the Wake County School Board’s districts with… a study in beclownment.  (See the press release at the bottom of this article.)

The Wake Dems are calling this bill “Un-American”.

Webster defines Un-American as “not American :  not characteristic of or consistent with American customs, principles, or traditions”.

Let me get this straight.

The Wake Dems are saying it is “Un-American” to make sure a county as large and continually growing as Wake County has adequate representation on the board who holds the purse strings.  Is that right, Wake Dems? Increasing representation is “Un-American”?

From the press release below, “Wake County Democratic Chair Dan Blue III. “We need to focus on solutions to our problems, not rigging elections.

Is Dan Blue suggesting that increasing representation is “rigging elections”?  Increasing representation is ‘undermining the voters’? Share whatever you’re smoking, please, because it must be good.

The Wake Dems also seem to be reversing their message a bit here?

I thought the all Democrat MoreWithFourNotOneCentBackWBOC14held Wake County Board of Commissioners wanted to work closely with the Wake County School Board?

Yet here we have them opposing bringing their respective districts into alignment in terms of representation?

Mr. Perry, I hope you didn’t write this yourself. What a joke. Gerrymandering? Vote rigging? Could your rhetoric be more hyperbolic and hollow?

This is clearly about Democrats being afraid that more representation means the Wake Board wouldn’t be 100% Democrat controlled.  It’s not like their Moral Monday “More with Four” candidates won by landslides, after all.



March 5, 2015

For Immediate Release

Contact: Perry Woods 919 608-3080 

GOP Bill to Change County Commission is Un-American

RALEIGH—In another attempt to thwart the will of voters after losing an election, Sen. Chad Barefoot has filed a bill to alter the composition of the Wake County Commission from county wide at large contests into gerrymandered partisan districts. Senate Bill 181 would have the County Commission mirror the Board of Education with districts Republicans drew in 2014 after losing control of that body.

“This blatantly partisan move is both disappointing and entirely predictable. After voters overwhelmingly rejected the GOP’s Board of Education in districts they drew, Senator Barefoot introduced legislation that changed the way Wake County citizens vote for their school board representatives against the wishes of the school board and with no public input.

And now, after Wake County voters again overwhelmingly rejected the GOP’s leadership in 2014, Senator Barefoot has introduced legislation to change the way Wake County citizens vote for their county commissioners. Voters have made it clear: we need less partisan gerrymandering, not more of it. Ronald Reagan himself called gerrymandering schemes like this ‘antidemocratic and un-American (10-15-87)’,” said Wake County Democratic Chair Dan Blue III. “We need to focus on solutions to our problems, not rigging elections.”

Blue went on to call for the entire Wake County legislative delegation to reject this bill. “No one asked for this. Altering how we elect our County Commission and Board of Education is something that should be discussed with public input, not forced after losing an election.

Our legislative delegation should reject this attempt to undermine the will of the voters. Any legislator voting for it will be putting party ahead of the people they swore to represent. They should keep their promise of supporting local control and heed the words of Governor McCrory to keep the General Assembly out of our local governments.”

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