Fitzsimon Beclowns Himself On #NCSPIN Over #APUSH

How many false statements, tea party smears and general bile can one fit into 1 minute and 23 seconds?


It’s clear from the moment he opens his mouth, Fitzsimon knows NOTHING about APUSH. A lot of ‘blah.. blah, tea party, right winger!’ crap dribbled out. Reminds me of the type of crap News and Observer put out on APUSH.   Alternatively, Fitzsimon does know APUSH is seeing a radical, leftist swing which is why he politicized criticism of it to death in less than a minute.

Neither does Campbell it would seem as he introduces his question, centered around American Exceptionalism, like it’s a joke punchline. Classy.

American history being torn down in the new APUSH framework is one of a long list of complaints.  Let’s be clear, no one is attacking APUSH or the teaching of US History, we are DEFENDING it by opposing this new framework.

scG-coleman-unqualifiedThere’s a jab at Common Core opposition in there too – saying that APUSH is a substitute for the Common Core fight. Could it be any more clear that Fitzsimon knows zip about APUSH or Common Core?  The two issues are similar and linked.

Newsflash, BlueprintNC Fitz:  One of the main architects of Common Core is also the man altering the APUSH framework. That man is David Coleman.

Also, Common Core opposition is not just ‘right wing’. Repeating that well debunked falsehood makes me embarrassed for you.  Also, while I respect the man’s long history of service to our state, I don’t share in your opinion that Bill Cobey as a ‘strong conservative’.




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