At Wake School Board Meeting, Sutton Compares Himself To Eric Garner (Video)

Never a shortage of drama with the Wake County School Board.

At the most recent meeting, board member Keith Sutton wore a t-shirt that said “#BlackLivesMatter” on it and launched into a long speech about how he was almost detained once at a past school board meeting so he knows what people like Eric Garner have gone through or something. No, not kidding.

The demonstrations and rallies Sutton speaks of were over ending of busing for ‘socioeconomic diversity‘ and were led by the Rev. Barber.

Then Sutton goes on to link protests against the police to school achievement gaps and how more has to be done to help “black males and black females and brown males and brown females”.

He sort of closed his remarks by saying “young lives matter”. The message Sutton appears to be trying to give is that minority achievement or lack thereof in school is like having an encounter with police like Eric Garner.  Maybe a separate set of standards should be applied so everything is ‘equitable’?

Sutton’s contrived speech begins at the 19:10 minute mark and lasts about 5 minutes.

At some point, WCPSS made this meeting video private. So much for transparency.

Update: I see the News and Observer has spotted Sutton’s comments and this blog post.

*This post has been updated

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