CCSSO President Dances Around NC Superintendent Reelection Question

AtkinsonPresElectMore speculation on whether CCSSO President Elect Atkinson will be running for NC Superintendent again.  Host Tom Campbell falls all over himself to set her up positively in his interviews with her. Campbell mentions Cash Michael’s dropped the bomb in a past episode that Atkinson wasn’t running again.

During the brief interview segment, Atkinson says she has learned to “live with the turbulence” so our CC June False Witnesskids can have a great education.

Well, much of the recent turbulence has been self-inflicted — Oops, there I go again, bearing “false witness“.

Video description:

Dr. June Atkinson answer’s Tom Campbell’s Loaded Question – “Will you run again?” Dr. June Atkinson shares “it’s too early to say” if she will or will not run again for State Superintendent of Public Instruction, but feels there is much to do over the next two years and is looking forward to continuing her work.

Video description shorter:

Campbell: You gonna retire or what cutie?
Atkinson: Hey now, I’ve got two years left. I’m not telling yet.

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