New App Helps Consumers Spend “Conservatively”

A new app launched called 2nd Vote “keeps your spending aligned with your conservative values.”  The app tracks corporate spending in an array of issue areas, helping consumers determine if this or that company is somewhere they want to spend their dollars.

“If you’re like a lot of us, you cast your first vote in an elections every couple of years, and wonder if you’re making a difference. Whether you know it or not, you’re casting a vote every day and making a difference, sometimes in support of causes and issues that you would never support on your own. That’s where 2nd Vote comes in.”  – 2nd Vote About Page

Shorter: Do you know where your money goes?


2nd Vote scores businesses and corporations  in the following areas and then again on a 1-5 scale with 1 being Liberal and 5 being Conservative:

  • Direct and indirect corporate donations
  • Activities and stated policies from these companies
  • Documented sponsorships for various political and advocacy-related events
  • Corporate leadership donations, activity and advocacy
  • Lobbying spent for or against various issues on the federal and state levels

An example from the app is Apple — it scores 1.2 on the 2nd vote scale. This is a little funny because their app is available for Apple. It’s also available for Android, web and Kindle.

I spoke with a representative of 2nd Vote who indicated that companies tied to education were going to be rolled out as well. This will help people track the Common Core money trail.

2nd Vote can be found on FacebookTwitter and YouTube.

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