Ruling Against Opportunity Scholarships For Low Income Kids To Be Appealed

Yesterday, Judge Hobgood ruled against Opportunity Scholarships for low-income and at risk kids.  We also found out the money wasn’t flowing during the temporary lift of the original injunction:

Today, we find that NC Attorney General Roy Cooper will appeal the decision.

N.C. Attorney General Roy Cooper, a Democrat who has raised concerns about parts of the Republican legislative agenda, quickly announced plans for his office to appeal, according to Noelle Talley, his spokeswoman.

“Our attorneys believe that this is a constitutional issue that must be decided by the appellate courts,” Talley said in a statement shortly after the ruling. – News and Observer

Wait…For once in recent memory, Cooper is actually doing his job? So, what gives? Either he clearly sees this Judge is correct in his ruling or Cooper thinks this is a way to extend the BlueprintNC style slamming of Republicans on Education.   Probably the latter if you that a closer look at the pushback.  I’ve said this multiple times before, this is about protectionism of a system and not concern for these kids.

Excellent write-up of what went on yesterday can be found in Dr. Terry Stoop’s article Judge Condemns Disadvantaged Students to Failing Schools. Also, see what Dr. Stoops wrote at the Lockerroom.


Back To The Anti-Choice, Anti- Help For Low-Income Kids Crowd

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News and Observer also quotes Common Core pushing Yevonne Brannon.

“This upholds North Carolina’s long-standing commitment to public education – public education creates productive citizens, a strong economy, and a great democracy,” Yevonne Brannon, chairwoman of Public Schools First, a nonpartisan organization that lobbies for public money for public schools, said in a statement. 

The same Yevonne Brannon who can’t get her facts straight on vouchers.

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  3. Zach says:

    Was the plan ever rewritten to only serve low income students moving forward? At one point it was low income for the first year to give them first shot at the vouchers. But the following year(s) it would be open to all.


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