Democracy NC’s “Influencing Early Voting” Plan

Ya’ll remember Democracy NC’s ‘non-partisan advocate for clean elections‘  right? Consider this an extension of that story:

What Can I Do?

The most important thing to do is show up at your County Board of Elections meetings.Democracy North Carolina, a member of the HK on J coalition, advocates for strong Early Voting plans that include plenty of weekend voting hours (Saturdays and Sunday), evening hours (for working people), and locations that are convenient for low-income communities. A calendar that lists the times and locations for county board of elections meetings is at or call Democracy NC at 919-286-6000 ext. 11 for more information.

A guide to advocating a strong plan is at

– from Democracy North Carolina, 6/23/2014

Bonus: Occupy Monday inserting themselves as agents of ‘influencing early voting’:

The Forward Together Moral Movement will ramp up its Moral March to the Polls with a Moral Monday Broadcast on Monday, June 30 starting at 7 pm. Join us as we talk get-out-the-vote and canvassing strategies.


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