Call Governor McCrory. Tell Him The Truth About Common Core.

This Is A Call To Action On Common Core: Governor McCrory​

Keep Calm Stop Common Core sm

NC Governor McCrory said this week that the “Republican-driven bill to repeal the Common Core education standards ‘is not a smart move,’ using his strongest language yet to warn against an effort pushed by conservatives in his own party.” – News and Observer 6/5/14

1. It’s time to FLOOD his office with phone calls, faxes and emails. Let him know how much support this bill has from all the people of NC:

The Governor is being misled about Common Core and public opinion of it by his Democrat education advisers, all of whom have strong connections to parties interested in promoting Common Core:

“But again, you don’t just throw out the whole thing if you have some minor issues you need to fix. We are trying to get some of the language out of the current bills in which we toss the whole thing out with no replacement.” – News and Observer 6/5/14

This statement is misleading. No one has mentioned “throwing out” Common Core and having no replacement. The Common Core bills set up a commission to create the highest possible standards for NC. Nothing will be removed until new standards are set.

Let the Governor know the truth about these bills, the support for them and why North Carolina opposes Common Core. Give Governor McCrory the FACTS:

  • The CCSS Are Not Rigorous, High Reaching or ‘Internationally Benchmarked’
  • The CCSS Are Not “State Developed”, “State-led” or “State Controlled”. The CCSSO and NGA own the copyright on the standards – NC has NO say in it.
  • The CCSS Are Costly – conservative estimates for NC taxypayers over the next five years are over $642 million dollars.
  • Federally funded Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium has developed national tests and RttT Grant Conditions that requires student level data collected be made available to the U.S. Department of Education – much of which is without parental consent!

2. Continue to encourage final passage of the Common Core bills passed in the NC Senate (SB812) and House (HB1061), which are on their way to being reconciled in conference.

Lt. Governor Dan Forest supports the bills and is confident the final bill will become law.


 3. Pass it on! Tell as many people as you can to contact the Governor. Headed to the GOP Convention this weekend? Print this email out and take it with you!




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