#DM7 Article: Biden On The Loose: Voter Expansion Project

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Biden On The Loose: Voter Expansion Project


By A.P. Dillon

Joe Biden wants you to “Stand Up” for voting rights.  Here’s the video:

Oh… my bad. Wrong video. Here we go:

So wait, what? Biden wants you to help “Expand the Vote“?

Voting is a fundamental right in our democracy, and making it easier — not harder — for everyone to exercise that right is one of our top priorities as Democrats.

That’s why we launched the Voter Expansion Project. Add your name to join Joe Biden and Democrats protecting and expanding the right to vote:”

Translated: You’re a racist if you believe in Voter ID.

The reason for this new project headed up by Joe is clearly a sign the Democrats are not just hitting the 2014 election panic button, they’re now jumping up and down on it with both feet. They also see what grassroots activist groups like Voter Integrity Project (VIP) are doing to restore integrity to election in North Carolina.

APRIL 2, 2014–Raleigh–Up to 765 voters have voted in both NC and at least one other state according to a report titled, “Presentation to Joint Legislative Elections Oversight Committee,” briefed to the committee today at the Legislative Office Building.

“This confirms our deepest concerns,” said Jay DeLancy, Executive Director of the Voter Integrity Project of NC. “We always knew that if the State Board of Elections cared to investigate such matters, they would find ample evidence of voter fraud.”

A total of 765 voters included the following supporting evidence: Exact match of first and last name, date of birth and last four of their Social Security Number.

“The big bombshell today is that you have documented voter fraud,” said Representative Tim Moore (R) Cleveland County. “This is proof positive that voter fraud has occurred. It is just as much voter suppression if votes are being cast fraudulently and illegally as it is when votes are not being cast. I’m afraid what you’ve found, Mrs. Strach, is the tip of the iceberg.”

Another 35,750* [corrected from earlier error of 37,750] voters “with first and last name and DOB match that are registered in NC and another state and voted in both 2012 general election[s],” the report said.

The information was obtained by the State Board of Elections in response to Legislative prodding (HB 589) that required the BOE to start cooperating with other states who are part of the so-called “Kansas Consortium,” created by Kansas Secretary of State Chris Kobach.

“Twenty-eight states are involved in this process,” according to Kim Strach, SBOE Executive Director, “but Florida dropped out of the process at the last minute.”

Florida dropped out of the process, yet VIP has found direct evidence of double voting there in this update:

(Raleigh, NC)— APR 8, 2014—The Voter Integrity Project of North Carolina, today released the results of their year-long research effort that found 5,167 people who appeared to be registered to vote in both Florida and NC, and 147 people who “were involved” in voter fraud. They gave the information to election officials in both Florida and North Carolina, in addition to a member of the NC Senate committee responsible of election law. All of the voters had a matching first name, last name and date of birth.

Read More on the VIP Investigation here.

All of this has come out as the leader of Moral Monday, NC NAACP’s Reverend Barber, continues to harass and attempt to intimidate VIP and has entered into a lawsuit using a 92 year-old woman as their prop plaintiff over the North Carolina Voter ID law (VIVA). Of course, the DOJ and the ACLU boarded the lawsuit train. Meanwhile, Voter ID remains very popular in North Carolina.

Moral Monday calls VIVA the “Voter Suppression bill” that will take us back to Jim Crow! Because… RACISM!  Let’s also not forget the “Voter ID” Misinformation hotline the NC NAACP set up as well.

Related Flashback:

So what are Democrats in North Carolina doing to manipulate elections now that they have to show ID starting in 2016? Encouraging people to flip their voter registration so they can vote in Republican primaries. There seem to be a lot of ‘new’ Republicans in some of these races. In fact, some of these new Republicans really sound like …Moral Monday Democrats. Gee, Operation Chaos?  I hope these Democrats realize that by doing so, they can’t vote in any Democrat run-off that may occur in their areas.

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