Defacto Far Left Leader of #NCDems Subpoenas Voter Integrity Group

Reverend Barber is seriously litigious these days. Suing the state, suing Wake county schools and sheriffs and now has subpoenaed* the Voter Integrity Project. Why? Because shut up. That’s why.

So, the Reverend wants to silence a group digging into election and vote fraud in NC, but is silent on his ties to fast food strikes, NC HEAT and the NC Vote Defenders. Shutuppery in full effect. When is someone going to sue the good Reverend and the NC NAACP for some transparency on all the groups he might be funding? When is someone in our media even going ask questions about it? Never.  Go chip in, help defend Voter Integrity.

Flashback: The NC Vote Defenders & The Reverend


Full Circle Back To Moral Monday & North Carolina

So, we’ve come full circle back to North Carolina and the NC NAACP driven Moral Monday. It should come as no surprise to you that Reverend Barber has attended these fast food strikes organized by NC Raise Up. We keep seeing the same players in North Carolina over and over. They keep forming new front groups, yell a new message in an attempt to stir the pot, and try to create the illusion they are a large movement or majority in NC, but in reality it is just the same small collection of Leftists doing it all.

NC Vote Defenders - Bryan Perlmutter - FB -Occupy2pt0 fast food strike - BARBER NAACP 082913
Screen Cap taken from Facebook Album of Bryan Perlmutter.

Note the caption that this image was grabbed from a Facebook photo album of Bryan Perlmutter. There is a second photo of Barber there. This is the same Bryan Perlmutter who has supported union founded FLOC, is a member of the NC Student Power Union. Idocumented that he was arrested as a member of NCSPU along with Molly McDonough during the May Day 2013 protest. Perlmutter is now leading the NC Vote Defenders and which is funded by an unnamed 501(c)3.

@NCVoteDefenders Your site says you’re sponsored by a 501c3, mind telling people who before they open their wallets?

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) October 10, 2013

So, if you meet an NC Vote Defender at a polling area maybe you can ask them yourself who is paying them to hand you propaganda leaflets.

Update: related NC Vote Defenders article at Carolina Journal.

Update II: The Vote Defenders have added a list of their ‘advisory board’

Adam Sotak, Organizing Director, Democracy NC

Anita Earls, Director, Southern Coalition for Social Justice

Caitlin Swan, Staff attorney Advancement Project

John Gilbert, Former Wake County Board of Elections Chair (2002-2008)

Mark Dorosin, Managing Attorney, UNC Center for Civil Rights

Sonia Gill, Voting Rights Project, Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law


* Post Updated to clarify a subpoena was issued versus being sued.

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3 Responses to Defacto Far Left Leader of #NCDems Subpoenas Voter Integrity Group

  1. Jay DeLancy says:

    Thanks for the post, LL. While “sue” is too big a word, “subpoena” makes it look like nothing; so we call it “legal bullying” or “legal harassment.” Either way, we have to raise $ to avoid jail…so it feels just like a lwasuit…only it’s (supposedly) cheapter!


  2. subtlesusan says:

    Barber gives me the creeps. I’ve also no trust in an organization like that. They will lie to get their way since they justify it “The ends justifies the means”. Cheating is just a way of life for them. Barber even saying he’s a reverend is shocking. Perhaps a bolt of lightning …


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