#CommonCore Commenter Is Moral Monday Participant

Yesterday was the public comment portion of the NC General Assembly’s Common Core study committee meetings. About 60 people spoke, 39 of which were in opposition to Common Core. The other 20 speaking in favor came from special interest groups, the NC Chamber of Commerce, the NCAE and education related professionals. It amounted to ‘experts’ versus parents:

One of the Pro-Common Core speakers sticks out a bit and is the recipient of NC Teacher of the Year award.  Ms. Dickerson is also a Moral Monday participant and towed the cripple, slam eviscerate line.


Rockingham hosts Moral Monday rally

Rockingham County High School graduate Karyn Collie Dickerson, the 2013-2014 N.C. Teacher of the Year grew up to be one of those teachers. She returned to Wentworth to discuss the legislature’s impact on her classroom.

Dickerson taught in N.C. for seven years and grew up as the daughter of a teacher.

“I’m a fierce advocate for what public schools can do for our children,” Dickerson said.

Dickerson said teachers work with what they’re given in order to educate students.

“Something has to change,” Dickerson said. “Recent legislative changes make me question if public education is still valued in our state. A state that constitutionally asserts in Article I that education shall forever be encouraged and assures us in Article II that it will provide a uniformed system of free public schools.”

Dickerson said a friend of hers from UNC-Greensboro told her 15 of the 22 students who graduated with him as educators either left the state or the profession altogether.

Dear Ms. Dickerson, if you’re worried about the money in our schools, then why are you backing an untested experiment like Common Core that will cost NC an estimated $642 million in the next 5 years? All that funding? It won’t go to teacher pay or the resources our classrooms really need.

Ms. Dickerson is no doubt a good teacher, having won the Teacher of The Year – thought of by some as a politically charged award. From all the photos over at the official Facebook Page, it would seem Ms. Dickerson has made the rounds and is no stranger to politicians.

Her comments on Common Core come from her own view of what she is doing at the High School level. I’m sure she’s creative but I doubt sincerely that has anything to do with Common Core – because after all, the supporters tell us those are only standards right? I found her statements decidedly myopic.  The biggest damage is being done to our younger learners at the Elementary level – we heard ample testimony yesterday with myself included.

Here’s some homework for Ms. Dickerson. Refute the experts on the Common Core Validation Committee who refused to sign off on the standards:

  1. How Common Core’s ELA Standards Put College Readiness at Risk
  2. Lowering the Bar: How Common Core Math Fails To Prepare High School Students For STEM


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