What @WRAL Doesn’t Tell You: Two Thirds Spoke In Opposition to Common Core

There’s a gap in the media coverage on the Common Core hearing held today at the NC General Assembly:

MT @LadyLiberty1885: Public rips #CommonCore — 2/3 opposed, @WRAL reports more on who likes it. http://t.co/vFq74QQenq #stopcommoncore

— Pete Kaliner (@PeteKaliner) March 20, 2014

WRAL did a bang up job taking the bulk of quotes from the minority, but well-funded, side of the house.  Laura Leslie sized me up for an interview but went with my friend instead; pretty sure she figured out who I was from the look I was getting. Let’s say I wasn’t shocked since she thinks I’m full of hate 24/7. Professionalism!

Wonder if the media will report on the first speaker up representing NC Ready for Success is partnered and funded by the Gates Foundation or not? Probably not.

How about Hire Standards? That’s the push by the NC Chamber to overwhelm the moms and dads with a pricey campaign blitz promoting the Core? No, not a whisper there, just water carrying – even though the partners for Hire Standards include one of the two groups holding the copyright on the standards, the CCSSO.

No big deal, NC’s Superintendent June Atkinson is only the president of the CCSSO. No conflict of interest to report there.

I didn’t get a chance to ask Iredell-Statesville’s Cindy Farmer who gave a statement today about who runs their Twitter account and why they deleted our conversation or if the Change.org Petition claiming all teachers there want Common Core was her idea or not. Maybe next time.

I did win a bet thought. One speaker brought an over-sized bible and quote scripture. I said to my friend next to me, ‘I bet that is the guy WRAL leads with in their report’. I was right.

WRAL just tried to make those there in opposition look like a bunch of Bible thumpers — they just tried to pull a ‘The Tea Party is Racist’ moment on the opposition of Common Core in North Carolina.

WRAL should be DAMN ASHAMED of themselves. There were well over a hundred people in that room and they picked the one that they thought would cast the worst light on the opposition. These were moms, dads, grandparents, former teachers and concerned citizens out there in the middle of the week – many of whom drove from all the way across the state. And WRAL mocks them.

Yeah well, this is what we’ve come to expect from our media in NC.  Parting Shot:

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A.P. Dillon is a freelance journalist and is currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_
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7 Responses to What @WRAL Doesn’t Tell You: Two Thirds Spoke In Opposition to Common Core

  1. Lynn says:

    Thousands of teachers across this country are opposed to CC$$…teachers of all political persuasions. Check out the Badass Teachers group (BAT). That hearing was during a school day. Not many teachers willing to leave kids, especially after we are so behind from these snow days. Do not paint all educators as liberal or all educators as for common core. We are not! Many of us simply can’t speak out (as seen in the Iredell petitition example). WRAL’s coverage did seem very skewd…and this is coming from someone who rarely agrees with you!


    • First – thank you for your comment. My teachers I am close to are telling me the same thing but that they have had threats to their livelihood made and have chosen to stay out of the fight. I respect them for that and would stand in front of the incoming fire for them. Common Core is not THEIR doing.Parents know this and need to get behind (or rather in front of ) their teachers and speak out. Having these hearings during school days and work day has made attendance low all around. The next one is already scheduled and it’s during work/school again: Thurs. April 24, 10 am

      I’m not trying to paint a group as one thing or another – common core pushback is not political and does range the whole spectrum of peoples, but I will point out slant where I find it as I did with WRAL.

      Again, THANK YOU for coming and commenting. I really do appreciate the input and feedback. By the way, the new Wake proposed budget came out, I’ll be writing on that today.


  2. Just wait till the Common Core Sexuality Standards are adopted. Parts have been written to test the waters and ultimately they’ll be slipped in without having to see the light of day just as the CC standards were.

    Here’s a couple of quotes from the January 2012 National Sexuality Education Standards Core Content and Skills, K-12: By the end of 2nd grade: “Students should be able to use proper names for body parts, including male and female anatomy.” Second grade is a little young for little Johnny and little Megan to start conversing about physiology. Here’s one that that really should be watched: “Students need opportunities to engage in cooperative and active learning strategies…”. What exactly are the cooperative and active learning strategies? How about this one: “… sufficient time must be allocated for students to practice skills relating to sexuality education.” To which sexuality skill are the referring to and just what will constitute “practice”? ‘By the end of 5th grade the student will be able to justify and defend all the various types of relationships.’ In other words, it will not matter what the student’s core beliefs, moral beliefs, or religious beliefs are since they will have to justify and defend all types of relationships whether or not they have moral or ethical objections. Forget the moral and ethical beliefs of the parents! Doesn’t sound like learning to me. Sounds more like indoctrination.

    How anyone can accept standards that were adopted a full 3 years before the first one was published is beyond me. Or for that matter, how can anyone accept standards that were written by consultants without concern for the locals. One size does not fit all. I fully advocate rigorous academic requirements but common core isn’t that. Common core is an excuse to indoctrinate children in political correctness, moral relativism, and group-think.

    Common core is also an excuse to allow Federal intervention imposed by the stick from which the carrot of federal education money is dangled.

    Home schooling is great but don’t think you can escape the CC standards since the ACT, SAT, and most college entrance exams are being tailored to them and the monopolistic text book racket is converting to the CC curriculum as well. If unabated we will see a sudden shift in the academic performance of the home schooled as they fail to perform well on CC testing and like Germany and several other countries, home schooling will suddenly be outlawed.


    • The ELA and Math were meant to be template standards by which the rest of the subjects would be pulled into and homogenized with.
      Many states adopted it before it was finished — heck, a lot of it still is unfinished. Teachers in NC were left to scramble trying to find things to use to teach to it; many had to pull from grades above them to make it match up for the elementary standards. Roll out was awful, but the standards themselves are pretty awful — age/developmentally inappropriate and pretty much content empty.

      On homeschooling: I have written before on this. I expect homeschooling to become very popular and we’re going to see a boom of it. There are already things in motion to give homeschools extra scrutiny. The attitude of the DOJ is homeschooling is not a fundamental right. That alone should tip people off as to what will come.


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  4. Laura says:

    As a high school teacher, I can see the value of common core and the skills it promotes. As the parent of a kindergartner, I want CC yanked YESTERDAY–if not sooner! Speaking as an educator, the elementary standards are indeed ENTIRELY inappropriate, and they stand to ruin my child’s love of learning! Also as an educator, rigor and relevance are indeed awesome, but the tests that CC brings with them are far from relevant.


    • Thank you for commenting! Appreciate the input.
      Rigor is great, wish it HAD some in the middle to high school level.
      I agree with you on the elementary stuff. Watching it happen at home myself. What CC claims is rigor in the Elementary grades is really just a mental beat down using age/developmentally inappropriate skill sets.


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