Quahog’s Loss Is NC’s Gain.

So we’ve got an American Idol runner-up attempting to run against Rep. Ellmers, “The hair” running against Rep. Pittman and now another unfortunately coiffed Democrat is apparently challenging Sen. Berger. Dear Mr. Osborne – The Beatles called, they want their haircut back. Add to the mix the recent Voller/Chavis debacle.  Wow. NC Democrats sure are on the win wagon these days.

Ok, so the latest Democrat to come out of the woodwork I listed above is William Osborne. He’s a shrink from Rockingham. Reminds me of Lurch a little bit – let’s hope he’s a tad more charismatic. On second thought, maybe Peter from Family Guy.

Osborne Griffin


Osborne has the typical campaign site and Twitter account.  Anyway, he’s so excited about challenging Berger, he decided the best place to ask for help with his campaign would be the NC Blondes run by Jeanne Bonds of the famously failed Faison campaign. Hey, wonder how the lawsuit is going?

022014 wosborne ncblondes berger has challenger


You remember the blondes — the ‘group’ of Twitter sockpuppets who sling insults in nearly every tweet? In case you missed a few posts, they are the foul-mouthed “democrat recruiters” who spent their Summer doxing Sister Toldjah and me. Osborne wants the pros! He’s already advertised his book on one of Bond’s sites, after all. Branding, ya’ll!

Much like the NCBlondes, Mr. Osborne seems to have a fixation on the Klan.

Too much MSNBC will do that to a person. Sad really.

His Vote Smart profile is rather short. Osborne apparently wrote a book. The bio for the book is a chuckle; big claim to fame is he was once the Rockingham Democrat Party chairman.  Candidate Osborne answered a couple of surveys before – sort of.  Let’s ask some more questions:

  • Has Osborne run before? Yep – NC House 65. He lost pretty bad.
  • What’s his big strategy for winning?  Truth to power! Shocked he didn’t answer “Forward Together”.
  • Will he serve everyone equally in his community of elected? Yes. Except the Tea party.
  • Is he respectful of state officials? Retweets aren’t necessarily endorsements, right?
  • Will Uncle Fester or Lois be managing the campaign? Unknown. However a search of his campaign committee at the State Board of Elections website shows one Homer Wright, real estate developer, single-handedly funding his campaign with multiple donations in the past of $2,000 each.

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