ABC/YAHOO GOP Presidential Debate (1/7/12)



This post relies entirely on watching the video this morning since I failed to DVR it last night. Sigh.

The Full Video is here.

The Full Transcript is here.

The Lady’s Take:

Mitt was barely challenged at all and came out the winner but Newt and his big brain were snapping at his heels. Ron Paul got pounded from all sides – successfully. My gut tells me Paul will take his toys and go home by pulling a Perot after SC.  Santorum was solid and steady; seemed less angry and more focused. Perry did a really good imitation of a mute for the majority of it. Having said that, Perry’s responses he did give were pretty darn good. This was his best debate yet. Huntsman arched his eyebrow a lot.

Winner: Romney

Tied for Second: Newt & Santorum

The Rest in Order: Perry, Paul, Hunstman

Dead Last: ABC News

You could cut the media bias with a butter knife. Stephanopolous was pathetic. Where were the questions on Obamacare, which is about to be heard by the Supreme Court? What about the Debt Ceiling? How about Iran? Nope. The DNC stooges of the All Barack Channel decided to steer the debate away from anything that might cast Obama in a poor light. The target was clearly Santorum with their barrage of questions on gay rights, gay marriage, religion and contraception. I’m glad Newt stood up and took them to task.

There was also this: Saturday Night Live Openly Mocks Santorum Minutes After Debate| Cold Opening | The Daily Caller

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