Charlotte Preps for DNC Convention

Charlotte Enacts Ordinances To Ban

“Mostly Peaceful”Obama Endorsed Occupiers

Ramping up for the Democratic National Convention, of course.

Apparently Charlotte has no desire to repeat 1968. The DNC is pressuring them as well probably. The Charlotte Observer reports:

The city of Charlotte unveiled ordinances Tuesday in preparation for the Democratic National Convention that would prohibit camping on city property outlaw protesters from carrying such items as box cutters, pepper spray, body armor and gas masks.

If approved, the ordinances would essentially end the Occupy Charlotte movement at old City Hall, where left-wing protesters have camped for several months. The Occupy protesters would not be grandfathered in if the ordinance is approved, City Attorney Bob Hagemann said after the council meeting.

If the ordinance is passed, the overnight camping provision would go into effect immediately, and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police would have the option to remove any protesters.

This news comes just as some of the Charlotte occupiers had burned an American Flag and several involved were arrested, prompting the rest of their merry little band of public defecaters to announce an official splitting up of their Obamaville.

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