Pearson Is Everywhere: PARCC Contract Stays Alive In New Mexico

Pearson: Always Earning

Pearson: Always Earning

Welcome back to Pearson is Everywhere.

Last time, we reviewed Pearson’s data security worries.


Today, we have an update on the lawsuit filed by American Institutes for Research (AIR) against  New Mexico that claimed there was bid rigging involved with the award of the Common Core testing contract to Pearson. reported:

AIR argued the bidding rules were written so Pearson, one of the world’s biggest testing companies, would be the only company qualified to win the PARCC contract. AIR officials said they never submitted a bid for the work because of the narrow bidding rules.

The lawsuit was closely monitored nationwide because New Mexico’s contract with Pearson was used as a framework for similar deals in states around the nation using the test, including a $108 million agreement in New Jersey.

But New Mexico District Judge Sarah Singleton ruled Monday AIR “lacked standing” in the case because the company never submitted a bid for the PARCC contract. So, the court will not consider the rest of the lawsuit, including the questions about the bidding process, the judge said.

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#SJW Gene Nichol’s Latest “Education” Op Ed

Gene Nichol never ceases to amaze me with his works of education fiction.

The touchy-feely emotion invoking way in which this latest Nichol endeavor is written gives permission to the reader to ignore who he is and what the facts really are.

Liberal Op Ed writing 101 is now in session with this flaming piece of spin is titled, “NC Teachers being ‘voluntarily’ exploited“.

What a pile of intellectually dishonest and unhelpful rhetoric out of well-known social justice warrior, Gene Nichol. How much money do you make again, Gene? How much did your poverty center bilk out of tax payers? What an incredible hypocrite.

Narrative keanuThis article is a set of purposefully inflammatory narratives by Nichol;  they are of no help to further dialogue and pose no solutions. It’s a convenient, politically motivated slam piece.

The teachers Nichol ‘voluntarily’ exploits for his article are NaShonda Cooke, Angela Scioli, Brendan Fetters.

Of course, they are billed as ‘just teachers’ but Google knows better.

‘Just a Teacher’ Angela Scioli:
You claim to be a 20 year veteran teacher with a masters? That means you make at least somewhere around $56,700 ? Or near 66K with after the local supplement pay kicks in? Your husband is employed too? How are you not able to go to the grocery store?

Comparing your circumstances to poverty ridden children? Shame on you! Spoken like the true “activist” you are:

Updated: The articles says this about Scioli’s experience,  “But last month, master’s degree, national board certification and past recognition as Wake County’s teacher of the year notwithstanding, she didn’t have the money to go to the grocery store. She is 44 and has been teaching in Raleigh for over two decades.”

I forgot the national board years on license. That means I was off by a few thousand. She should be making between 61k and 62k, plus the supplement pay for Wake County, which the average for is somewhere around $6,300.

‘Just a Teacher’ NaShonda Cooke:
How’s that bid for NEA director going?  Why are you still affiliated with the NCAE when they’ve done nothing but kept teachers in this state in a victim role?

Also — Is Moral Monday helping you any?
Did they provide this Blueprint NC style rhetoric for you?

Nashonda Cooke, an elementary school teacher in Durham, said, “There’s a hidden agenda. What our governor is doing is the very beginning steps of privatizing education. He’s trying to make it difficult for us to be successful in the classroom.”

‘Just a Teacher’ Brendan Fetters:
You have quite the resume, that lists being a NC teacher going back to 2006. How much do you make with all those certifications and experience?  Where was your outcry when Former Governor Perdue froze your salary?

Maybe your pal, the Moral Monday Wake Commissioner and NCAE attorney, can help.

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#DM7 Article: You Will Be Made To Care – Fed Ed Edition

This is a repost of my weekly Da Tech Guy column: You Will Be Made To Care – Fed Ed Edition

By A.P. Dillon

For many parents engaged in the fight against Common Core, discovering the level of control the federal government has over your child’s education has likely been an ulcer inducing adventure and a disturbing eye-opener.

The deeper I got into the weeds investigating the overlapping tentacles of Common Core, the more I realized that just how much control the federal government asserts over the states in terms of education.

For brevity, let’s call this control what Michelle Malkin calls it: ‘Fed Ed’.

A fine example of ‘Fed Ed’, which I doubt most people out there know about, is a non-profit called WestEd which is used to farm out wish list projects that certain government agencies are prohibited from engaging in. WestEd has reaps millions in government contracts annually.

Another example of ‘Fed Ed’ would be the tax dollars that flow to Teach for America (TFA) and subsequently trickle down to TFA employees and alumni who are “Black Lives Matter” professional agitators.

‘Fed Ed’ includes ‘Full-Service’ Community Schools, which according to the program description provides “comprehensive academic, social, and health services for students, students’ family members, and community members”.  This program was just extended for another five years. Remember, Obama believes that the government should have some kids in government run schools “24/7“.

Now consider the pressure (legal and otherwise) being brought to bear on state school discipline procedures by the Obama administration which fits right in with the Liberal’s  ‘You will be made to care‘ theme.  Specifically, Southern states.

The Obama administration’s DOJ has been poking around school districts looking for racist policies with regards to discipline procedures, specifically looking at the discipline and expulsion rates of black students. In conjunction with that poking around is the use of the phrase ‘school to prison pipeline‘ by multiple social justice organizations.

The focus of this ‘school to prison pipeline’ has been mostly on Southern states and a recent report being written about right now is only about Southern states.  This report is penned by Edward J. Smith and Shaun R. Harper of  the “Center for the Study of Race and Equity” located  at the Penn Grad school of Education. They use the phrase, ‘school to prison pipeline’ throughout their report.

It’s worth noting that the report doesn’t mention who paid for this report, what data sets were  or were not used, that Southern states have a higher black population in general, a description or details of the circumstances of the expulsions/suspensions,  nor does it cite any statistics on other ethnicities for comparison or as a control.

The report does mention that a large chunk of data (269 school districts) had missing or incomplete data. Gee, that might skew conclusions even more?

What is mentioned in the Smith/Harper report is the blaming of Zero Tolerance policies and the involvement of the US Dept. of Education, the NAACP and Teach for America.

Don’t miss the suggestions for using this report on page 3 and the report’s conclusion statement on page 89.  Here’s a snippet from ‘Using this report’:

“Our aim is to equip anyone concerned about the school-to-prison pipeline and the educational mistreatment of Black youth with numbers they can use to demand justice from school boards, educational leaders, and elected officials.”

With ‘use statements’ like that, it’s pretty clear this report was less about science and more about promoting a ‘You will be made to care’ narrative.




DM7 small LL1885A.P. Dillon resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina and is the founder of
Her current and past writing can also be found at IJ Review,, and Watchdog Wire NC.
Catch her on Twitter: @LadyLiberty1885

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