We Track Teacher Turnover, Perhaps We Should Track DPI Turnover Too. – #NCed

Administrative bloat in K-12 systems across the nation has been incredible.  Federal grants have created positions within K-12 systems that have often resulted in staff being shifted or absorbed by various departments of public education in the states.

This staffing bloat then becomes a burden on state education budgets. Such is the case with North Carolina.

Case in point, the Race To The Top grant.

The Race To The Top grant was due to expire this past September.  North Carolina was granted an expansion in order to complete the work and finish using the funds.

DPI hired 144 people to work on Race To The Top items.

Question: Where are they now?

Answer: DPI has absorbed them or wants to.

Tracking down all 144 is a big task, but one of them was easy to find:

Age 45
Salary $128,512
Last salary change $1,000
Last Salary Change Date 7/1/2014
Last Salary Change Reason LEGISLATIVE INCREASE
Last action date 8/15/2015
State Govt. start date 4/30/2007
Agency hire date 4/30/2007

Levinson was/is the Director of the Race To The Top grant program for North Carolina. Recently, Levinson was named DPI’s interim director of the state’s charter school office.

From what I gathered talking to a few of my sources, Levinson’s predecessor, Joel Medley, was making around $90k for the position.

From what I’ve heard, they already placed an advertisement for the position and received resumes, but no one has looked at them yet. I also hear that there will be a re-advertisement for the position. What’s the hold up?

With Race To The Top coming to a close, Levinson needed a place to land and thus we now have someone making $128k in that same role. Yet DPI is facing a departmental budget cut. Do the math, folks.

Fun fact: There are currently 1,143 employees under DPI. Of that total number of employees, 534 make $60k and up. Of that 534 making $60k and up there are 41 making over $100k.

You can look this up yourself or email me (TheLL1885@gmail.com) for a copy of the state salary database with DPI broken out.

We track turnover for teachers. Perhaps the legislature should also be tracking turnover, or rather, lack thereof, within DPI.

Useful Links:

NC State Employees Salary Database



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News and Observer Is Obsessed with Common Core – #ncpol #mediabias

The News and Observer editorial board is obsessed with Common Core. More specifically, they’re obsessed with defending Common Core, maybe because it allows them to smear the legislature at the same time.

Exhibit A and B:

October 23rd
Defending Common Core

November 20th
NC should support Common Core 

I was going to write a response, but Bob Luebke’s article over at Civitas pretty much says everything I would have — but just in a nicer manner. As a parent, I’m ready to chuck tomatoes at their headquarters… oh wait.. they had to sell their headquarters.

Anyway, go read it.  The title of his article pretty much says it all: Support for Common Core Blinds N&O Editors.

Two Op-eds in a just month’s time tells me they are concerned that the Academic Standards Review Commission might actually be doing the job they were tasked with — replacing Common Core.

Neither Op-ed seems to look at actual fact, but instead relies on a healthy dose of hyperbole, political rhetoric and smears. Shame on them all. They’re not using their Common Core Critical Thinking Skills!

As I’ve said before, media regularly uses their platform to bully the public and drive a chosen narrative. Stop shrugging your shoulders and taking it. Parents and citizens should sound off in the comments of articles or of op-eds like the ones I’ve shared in this article.

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That Was Fast: @RoyCooperNC will NOT defend NC Children

Yesterday I wrote wondering if Attorney General Roy Cooper would stand up to the increasing overreach by the U.S. Department of Education (USED) by joining an amicus brief regarding the USED’s lawfare to force schools to allow transgender to basically pick their bathroom or locker room at will.

The same day, AG Cooper answered and that answer was to give North Carolina parents and kids the middle finger.

inigoCooper called McCrory a “bully” for standing up for North Carolina families. Cue Inigo Montoya.

That’s not bullying, that’s called asking you to do your job.

Actually, Cooper didn’t even have the guts to do the dirty work himself. He used a staffer to do it for him.

A staffer who has a background and history in LGBT issues, no less.

Carolina Journal reports:

Jamal Little, a spokesman for Cooper’s campaign, posted a notice yesterday saying McCrory “bullied” Gavin Grant, the transgender student, and linking the dispute to the debate over refugees fleeing the war in Syria. After noting that the governor is seeking a temporary ban on resettlement of Syrian refugees in North Carolina until greater security clearance measures are in place — a stance Cooper shares — Little wrote:

“This week, [McCrory has] found another group to politicize. Adolescence is hard enough without being bullied by an elected official. Next week, who knows who’ll be the target of a governor whose only path to re-election is dividing North Carolina.”

This move by USED isn’t just about giving students who self “identify” as the opposite sex a space of their own in order to be comfortable, USED has gone further as the Illinois case shows. USED is using Title IX to force school systems to allow these students to use opposite sex locker rooms and bathrooms.

Parents, how would you feel if your daughter had to share a locker room with a boy simply based on that boy self identifying as a girl or vice versa? How do you feel about a federal agency using the law to force that to happen?

Cooper prefers the needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many. Good to know that if he were elected Governor, he’d be more than happy to throw his state under the federal government bus.

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