Told Ya To Gird That Wallet…

MoreWithFourNotOneCentBackWBOC14I told folks back in November, with the election of an all Democrat Board of Commissioners in Wake County, your taxes are about to go up.

The day after the election the newly elected Commissioners were already talking about digging into the taxpayer’s wallet.

Now factor in the Commissioners are working hand in hand with the drama-ridden and Democrat held Wake County school board.  Here come the tax hikes, here come the bond referendums.

See the video in the tweet people, Chairman West’s diffuseness and statements like “I don’t know what the revenue will be…” really aren’t very comforting.  West finally spits it out at the 47 second mark — “tax increase… based on what we need”.

Don’t look at me, people. I TOLD YOU SO.

Now, flashback to last week: Wake school board hoping $810 million bond is enough for new schools

“Hoping” $810 million is enough. HOPING.
Wake School Board Chair Christine Kushner said taxpayers have nothing to worry about. Yeah, right.

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#DM7 Article: Common Core Bills Filed By Multiple States, Nationally

This is a reposting of my weekly column at Da Tech Guy: Common Core Bills Filed By Multiple States, Nationally


By A.P. Dillon

The next wave of bills to repeal the Common Core State Standards has hit.

Multiple states have filed bills to remove the standards and their associated tests. Alternately, there have been calls from the Governors of Georgia and Wisconsin to review and potentially replace the Common Core.

Here are some of the states with recent Common Core ‘repeal’ bills filed.

  • Colorado: Bill filed to “repeal current academic standards”. The bill also calls for withdrawl from the PARCC assessments. Bill Link: HB 15-1105
  • Mississippi: The bill was touted as a repeal, but the language says parents can ‘opt-out’ of the Common Core curricula, certain student data. This ‘opt-out’ also includes any assessments employed by Mississippi such as PARCC and SBAC. Bill Link: SB 2468
  • New Mexico: Calls for discontinuing the implementation Common Core and withdrawl from the PARCC assessments. Bill Link: SB 196

On the national level, Senator Pat Roberts (R-KS) has introduced a bill meant to amend the Elementary and Secondary Education Act to protect state sovereignty in education. The short name for the bill is LOCAL, which stands for ‘‘Learning Opportunities Created At Local Level Act’’.  The bill is supported by Senators Chuck Grassley (R-IA), Jim Inhofe (R-OK), and Rob Portman (R-OH). Related: 42 House Members Condemn Coercive Common Core

The main thrust is described in the bill as an act  “to prohibit Federal education mandates, and for other purposes.” Common Core’s adoption in the states is accurately seen by many as usurping state and local control in the way it was created, adopted and locked into place by what was arguably monetary coercion or incentives in the form of the Race To The Top grants.

The LOCAL bill has come along just in time, as the Obama administration’s education budget has more of the same methods packed into it including more waivers tied to the language of “career and college ready” as Neal McCluskey of the Cato Institute notes in his article, Common Core End Game.
More from the LOCAL bill:

“prohibits the Federal Government from mandating, directing, or controlling a State, local educational agency, or school’s curriculum, program of instruction, or allocation of State and local resources, and from mandating a State or any subdivision thereof to spend any funds or incur any costs not paid for under such Act.”

“prohibits the Federal Government from funding the development, pilot testing, field testing, implementation, administration, or distribution of any federally sponsored national test in reading, mathematics, or any other subject, unless specifically and explicitly authorized by law.”

Governor Jindal’s lawsuit is in the same vein as LOCAL; calling out the conditions and incentives tied to the Race To Top grants. Those Race To The Top grants included the condition of adopting “College and Career Ready” standards. Common Core was the only set of standards around making that claim at the time – what a coincidence!

For more information on LOCAL, see Breitbart’s thorough article on this bill’s attempt to curtail federal intrusion and coercion.

The Common Core Standards were adopted across the country in waves. We’ve seen one wave hit already and with it, significant backlash. The next wave is coming and the indication is that this will be a 2016 election year hot topic.

If these recent bill filings are any indication, more backlash will likely be coming. It is worth noting that during the first wave, Common Core supporters had originally blasted parents for their complaints about the standards. Lately I’ve noticed a shift from that bash the parent tactic. Given the activity in state houses, supporters are now shifting to bashing the experts being brought in.  Just worth keeping in mind when your state enters into the fray.



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AP DillonA.P. Dillon (Lady Liberty 1885), is a Conservative minded wife and mother living in the Triangle area of North Carolina. A.P. Dillon founded the blog in 2009. After the 2012 election, she added an Instapundit style blog called The ConMom Blog. Mrs. Dillon recently participated in Glenn Beck’sWe Will Not Conform. Mrs. Dillon’s writing, in addition to Da Tech Guy’s Magnificent 7, can also be found at, WatchdogWireNC and WizBang. Non-political writing projects include science fiction novellas that are, as of yet, unpublished. Her current writing project is a children’s book series.

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Who Is Driving Education Policy In NC?

Last year, I called attention to a group called the NC Superintendent Large District Consortium and their intention to call for a seven-year lock in of Common Core in the state.

I’ve kept tabs and have questions about who is driving education policy in the state of North Carolina.

I placed a Freedom of Information Act request last September and have just recently received the information back from Wake County Public Schools. I requested emails that had “NC Superintendent Large District Consortium” and “Common Core” in the subject or body of the emails.

Several of the pages I received included communications from “Education Counsel LLC”, an apparently for profit policy group out of Washington, D.C.
Read who Education Counsel is and how they do it.

The emails had a focus on what appears to be rubric testing and creation of Common Core curriculum as ‘approved’  by Achieve Inc.’s American Diploma Project.  The email points to “EQuiP”, which I have written about previously in the article, More Proof Common Core Is Not ‘Just a Set of Standards’.

One has to ask, what is the service that Education Counsel is providing costing the North Carolina taxpayer? Who is driving education in our state – North Carolina officials and educators or  Washington D.C. policy wonks?


Several of the pages were not formatted for proper viewing and one has to use the magnify option in Adobe to read the text.  Page 90 suffered that fate. Another such page was a discussion on “talking points” to be used to rebut movements in the General Assembly.  I recommend downloading the whole document so one can resize text as needed.  Excerpt of page 102:

From: “Emory, Beverly R” <>
Have worried about Common Core language from the start but went back and read the bill language which basically supports rigorous standards but names them NC. I can support or remove. The “high road” would be to support rigor and the investment already made in Common Core and leave out endorsing the Bill.

Sent from my iPhone

On Jun 19, 2014, at 9:53 PM, “Green, Maurice O” <> wrote:
Team: I think we need to talk about our Common Core position in these talking points in light of Senator Tillman’s statements, quoted in recent news articles, that even the Senate bill on Common Core intends to repeal it. Mo
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Also of note, outfits outside of school officials were included in some conversations, such as NC New Schools and Z. Smith Reynolds.

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Dear John Kasich…

Ohio Governor John Kasich has 2016 presidential aspirations and was on FOX news this past Sunday, where he towed the pro-Common Core line.  See the video clip.

In the interview on FOX, Kasich accused Conservatives of using Common Core to score political points.   Kasich also runs with the Obama canard:

WASHINGTON — Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) on Sunday criticized Republicans who have attacked Common Core education standards and said that their opposition has more to do with politics than substance.

Kasich dismissed criticisms of the standards from those like Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R), who argue that the guidelines will lead the federal government to have more control of the education system in the United States.

“The Common Core was written by state education superintendents and local principals. In my state of Ohio, we want higher standards for our children, and those standards are set and the curriculum is set by local school boards,” Kasich said on “Fox News Sunday.” “Barack Obama doesn’t set it, the state of Ohio doesn’t set it. It is local school boards driving better education, higher standards, created by local school boards.
-Huffington Post 1/25/15

Well, Governor Kasich gets it wrong right out of the gate with his claims on who wrote the Common Core.

Common Core was not written by Superintendents and local principals. It was written by a collection of educrats, higher education individuals and testing companies with little to no K-12 classroom experience.

Gates HSLDA Curriculum alignedAs to Kasich’s claims that curriculum is set by local school boards, he gets that wrong too. Common Core is a set of standards. Standards drive testing, materials and curriculum. What’s more, the Common Core is designed that way.

Let me be clear for Governor Kasich, my child is not a political point and neither is my opposition to Common Core.

It’s not “hysteria” either. My opposition, and that of most opposing Common Core, is fact and experience based.


I think the irony of Kasich’s own politically driven statements are lost on him.

2016 hopeful? More like 2016 NOPEful.

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What they’re saying about Common Core and Education in NC (WE 1/23/15)

Last week I started talking about What they’re saying about Common Core and Education in NC. This is sort of a continuation of education items going on in North Carolina.  Some of the updates this week are on a national level.


A-F grading changes  Related: Virginia repealing A-F

WCPSS board meeting recap
Video: Board of Education Official Meeting – 1/20/2015
Video:  Board Work Session – 1/20/2015.

National – ESEA Support/Yr end assessments

Video – CBR2216 – June Atkinson, Ph.D, State Superintendent, Public Schools of North Carolina

John Locke Foundation on Education Funding in NC

Carolina Journal Education Agenda for 2015 in NC

Video: Public School Forum of NC Highlights Top Education Issues

NC General Assembly Democrat Rick Glazier criticized Opportunity Scholarships:

“Glazier argued that the opportunity scholarship program is a danger to the integrity of the nation’s public school system.

“Public schools are the only institution in the nation that bonds our people together under one flag,” he said. “There is an inordinate cost to society when that is broken up that you can’t calculate easily.””
Source: Glazier, Allison debate opportunity scholarships at NCSBA conference

More Articles:

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