#NCGA Bill Proposing Sales Tax Changes Sounds Like Obama’s “Fair Share”

In the last week, the NC General Assembly is cranking out bills from health assessments to vaccines that have conservatives scratching their heads.  Add SB 369 to the list.

SB 369 is titled “Sales Tax Fairness Act”.

‘Fairness’? For who exactly?

This is more like the small counties trying to raid the big counties piggy banks.  Milton Friedman is rolling over in his grave.

The net-net of this bill is it takes a location (county) based distribution of sales taxes and changes it to a population based scenario.  In other words, SB 369 seems to be saying it’s not fair that for example, Wake County, has a bunch of malls and businesses and therefore gets more money because they generate more sales.  No, that money needs to be shared.

Governor McCrory has come out slamming this proposal. While I don’t agree with him on some fronts like Common Core, I agree with him here. This is a job and business killer. It’s in the same vein as Obama’s ‘fair share‘ and redistribution of wealth attempts.

Speaking of slamming…and crippling and eviscerating…where is Gubernatorial hopeful Roy Cooper on this one?


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#SB480 Would Block Politicking In Schools. NCAE and Progress NC’s ‘AimHigher’ Hardest Hit?

Senate bill 480 seeks to limit the political activity of school officials, administrators and teachers on school campuses.  News and Record reported:

Senate Bill 480 is co-sponsored Wells and Sens. Trudy Wade (R-Guilford) and Andrew Brock (R-Davie).

The bill seeks to prevent any employee of a local, regional or charter school board from:

• Actively participating in managing a political campaign, campaign for political office, or otherwise engaging in political activity while on duty or during working hours.

• Using the authority of their position, public funds, supplies, equipment or vehicles to support or oppose any candidate, party or issue in an election involving candidates for office or party nominations or to affect an election’s result.

• Using public funds, supplies, equipment or vehicles for partisan purposes, political purposes or to engage in advocating for or against issues of local, state or federal policy.

“Equipment” would include information such as mailing addresses, email addresses and phone numbers gathered or maintained by the school. Such information could no longer be used to rally parents for ballot issues, school funding or other political causes

Guilford County Commissioner Jeff Phillips said it’s the First Amendment right of all citizens to engage in political activity. That includes school employees, he said.

But those who work for school systems that get taxpayer dollars should “exercise some restraint” while on the job and refrain from using public resources in political campaigns, Phillips said.

“I have heard of a lot of citizens, many of whom have children who attend Guilford County schools, who receive emails and other types of communication that are intended to persuade parents to vote a certain way on a certain issue,” Phillips said

Shorter: Stop pushing politically driven items and protests at schools on the public dime.

How DARE the NCGA make sure all public employees follow the same political rules at work?

WALK IN ORGANIZE 2020Sadly, this bill seems to be needed given the increasing activity of groups like the NCAE, the NCAE’s Organize 2020 and Progress NC’s education protest group, ‘Aim Higher Now’.

This has been going on for years now.


Flashback: NCAE Sends Unionization Propaganda Flyer Home With Kids
Related: WCPSS Encouraged Walk-In Event?

The News and Record continued:

Todd Warren, a Spanish teacher at Guilford Elementary School, said the bill is “a solution in search of a problem.”

“I don’t think that anything that Guilford County Schools does now is political campaigning,” Warren said. “What they have done is messages that are education campaigns, but they’re not advocating for anything.”

What the News and Record fails to tell you is that Todd Warren isn’t just some ‘Spanish teacher’.

Warren is a far left socialist, Moral Monday Arrestee, Occupying kinda guy. He is also one of the leaders of the NCAE’s protest arm, “Organize 2020″.




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Alamance Elections Board Sued Over Handling of Public Records Requests

Civitas has filed a lawsuit against the Alamance Elections Board over a public records request.

Press Release:

RALEIGH – The Civitas Institute has filed suit in Alamance County Superior Court challenging the legality of the Alamance County Board of Election’s public records policy. In the 12-page complaint, Civitas asks the Court to clarify several areas of North Carolina public records law, including what actions by a state agency constitute a denial of a public records request, whether requestors of public records may be required to physically inspect records before receiving copies, and to what extent a records custodian may delegate away his or her statutory duty to provide the public with access to records.

In December, Civitas Institute policy analyst Angela Hight submitted a public records request to the Alamance County Board of Elections seeking information from the November 2014 elections. The Alamance County Attorney responded and said that Ms. Hight would be required to come to Alamance County to physically inspect records prior to any copies being furnished. He then insisted that this requirement did not constitute a denial of Ms. Hight’s public records request.

“It is unfortunate that on the heels of the Open Government Coalition’s 2015 Sunshine Week, North Carolinians still have to bring lawsuits in order to gain basic access to public records,” Civitas Institute President Francis De Luca said. “We hope this filing makes clear to agencies throughout North Carolina that we are ready and willing to take all actions necessary to ensure that our state government is as transparent and open as possible.”

The Civitas Institute is arguing, among other things, that state agencies do not have the authority to unilaterally decide whether they have denied a public records request.

“North Carolina law sets forth a clear policy that public records are the property of the people, and that the people should therefore have easy, inexpensive access to such records,” Civitas Institute attorney Elliot Engstrom said. “Unfortunately, this policy is far from reality in North Carolina.”

The lawsuit names the Alamance County Board of Elections, the Chair of the Alamance County Board of Elections, and the Alamance County Attorney as defendants in their official capacities.

“We hope that, at the very least, this suit will provide clarity to both requestors of public records and government officials as to their respective responsibilities under North Carolina law,” Engstrom said.

Established in 2005, the Civitas Institute is a Raleigh-based nonprofit corporation organized for the purpose of conducting research, sponsoring educational activities, and disseminating information to promote the general public’s understanding of the benefits of limited government and free market economies.

For more information, visit www.nccivitas.org or contact James Tynen at (919) 834-2099 or james.tynen@nccivitas.org.

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Consolidation of Ed Data Continues With McCrory Proposal To Move DNPE

The Governor’s new budget proposes to move the Department of Non-Public Schools under his office’s purview.

It is not a coincidence that the Governor is also trying to convert the Superintendent of North Carolina schools into a cabinet appointed position.  Sen. Jerry Tillman proposed this back in 2013 and appears to still be driving that effort with SB 94.

Nor is it coincidence that certain legislators at the NC General Assembly are trying to make that position a member of the State Board of Education via HB 202.

Archer Lose the RepublicansThe moves, in my opinion, is a consolidation of data and of power.

Data drives the money flow.

Consolidation drives control.

Control will rest in the Governor’s mansion.

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Parents, Have You Read #SB346?

NCGAEarlier today, I wrote about the proposed changes to required Health Assessments for students in North Carolina.  This article is related — it is about SB 346 (Enact Stricter Immunization Requirements). This bill has worrisome changes to current statutes regarding vaccinations for students in North Carolina.

I did a cursory article on this bill at IJ Review, but it would appear the changes to the current statute language has presented deeper problems.

The Senator proposing the changes, Jeff Tarte, has now come under fire for attempting to remove the ability of parents to claim religious exemption. The intent appears to be to make certain vaccinations mandatory for all students — public, homeschool and private?

Watch the embedded video below as Tarte is confronted about SB 346 by a citizen journalist. Keep watching and hear what Senator Barefoot says about the intent of this bill.

There is more video of Sen. Tarte and Sen. Barringer interacting with citizens opposed to this bill.

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