More Activism In NC Schools

More fliers and activism in North Carolina schools. This time it’s not an NCAE/Organize2020 protest flier that went home in the backpacks of our children. This time it is Charlotte Mecklenburg schools and a slanted flier about a proposed sales tax hike. Charlotte Observer has a write up here, which of course doesn’t ask questions about the validity of the content of the flier.

“CMS spokeswoman Kathryn Block told the Observer the document “was developed as an informational document only.”
Charlotte Observer

Really? Who developed it and why is the informational document not providing where you drew your information from?


  Char-Meck tweeted out to their over 15,000 followers this two-page flier

While the intent to promote the school’s best interests is clear, what is also clear is the bias.   The first page has three main points, numbers two and three are slanted without a doubt and repeat NCAE rhetoric on the issues.  For example:

“18.5 percent for teachers in the early years of a teaching career to
0.3 percent for veteran teachers.”

Those stats are just like the ones at the NCAE site.

The third claim on the CMS flier one sounds like Moral Monday and their Union groups pushing $15 minimum wage increases.  It’s funny how the CMS flier gives a statement with no supporting evidence, link or source cited. Also what is the definition of “living wage” as CMS cites below?

“Fifty-nine percent of CMS employees earn less than an annual living wage in our area for a family of four (two adults, two children).”

Last year, DPI estimated the average salary at $45,938. Add in benefits provided by the state of NC and that average is really $53, 390. The median income in North Carolina at that time was estimated at $43,916.

Now consider that Charlotte Mecklenburg is the highest paying district in the state because they have the largest supplemental pay rate in the state. Supplements are exactly what they sound like; additional pay added to the base salary. Last year CMS paid the biggest supplement at an average of $6,376 and 9,668 teachers receiving that supplement. But CMS is now promoting the idea that 59% of their teachers don’t make a “living wage” yet live in the highest paying district in the state. A “living wage” that their own flier does not define.  Maybe the NCAE left that detail out.

Meanwhile the top paid officials in Charlotte Mecklenburg all make over 90k – in fact 166 make over 90k and of that 166, there are 69 making over 100k.  Some, like top earner Superintendent Morrison, have compensation topping $300k plus perks.  Clearly, the educrats in Charlotte are making a “living wage”, whatever that is.

Or whole school districts. Pot-ay-toe, Po-tah-toe.

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“Buyers Remorse” On Common Core?

ABC has an AP article up called Buyers Remorse on Common Core for Policymakers. “Buyers Remorse” On Common Core? Years after adoption and after a slew of slick presentations and truckload of education buzzwords, the reality of Common Core is coming home to roost — but only after citizens stood up and made noise. Our policymakers were all to comfortable to just nod and pat each other on the backs over Common Core. There is the lesson learned here: don’t take your eyes and ears off the powers that be.

Go read the ABC/AP article.
It repeats several of the Core supporter talking points like the Duncan State Ledone about the Core being voluntary yet doesn’t mention Obama’s Department of Education led by Arne Duncan going after Oklahoma to punish them for dumping Common Core.

No, the article is focusing on Ohio’s fight. Ohio — the land of President makers. I submit that the fight against the Common Core just took a Left turn into the 2016 race and it’s being steered that way by the ‘mainstream’ media.

Food for thought: What is happening to Oklahoma right now can happen to any state attempting an unblessed rewrite or rebrand.

For example, North Carolina is about to undertake a replacing of Common Core and the powers that be here in North Carolina think they can just keep what they want. Who cares that the standards are copyrighted, right? The CCSSO and NGA, who hold the copyright on Common Core, might just let them get away with it, but for how long? What if North Carolina wants to go in a totally different direction in the future? By meddling and not truly replacing, North Carolina is legally on the hook should those the CCSSO and NGA wish to enforce that copyright down the road.

By the way, I left a comment on the ABC/AP article (below). You should go leave one too.

“But states led the Common Core movement that really took off in 2009 and that effort was voluntary.”

Sure. If you consider adoption by stealth and the coercion of states by dangling millions of Race To The Top dollars tied to NCLB Waivers and ESEA implications “voluntary”. Is it still voluntary with Arne Duncan going after Oklahoma for pulling out?

The Core is copyrighted by two D.C. trade groups which are not accountable to voters and which leaves any state adopting it at their mercy. States like North Carolina who think they can re-write or pick and choose from common core as they wish are leaving themselves open for the CCSSO and NGA to assert their copyright rights. Just like Duncan is doing with Race To The Top in Oklahoma.

Common Core is a fundamentally flawed experiment.
It was created by educrats with no regards for the end user – the child. No where is this more clear than in the k-3 standards which are age and developmentally inappropriate.

The standards drive the tests and curriculum. The tests and curriculum are big money. Big money to be made with the push for more and more technology in the classroom too.

The list of problems with Common Core is long and made up of debunking much of what supporters claim is “good” about the standards. At the end of the day, what matters most is that no matter how you dice it, Common Core is the opening move to nationalize education and remove control from state and local entities.

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Labor Day Holiday 2014

It’s Labor day. This is an obligatory Labor Day post where we’re supposed to thank Labor Unions for the day off.

Let’s look at what else we’re thanking them for:

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#DM7 Article: The NC Common Core Rebrand Attempt

This is a reposting of my weekly DaTechGuy article: The NC Common Core Rebrand Attempt


By A.P. Dillon

The repeal of Common Core from the North Carolina state statutes and the formation of a standards replacement commission as set out by Senate Bill 812 brought hope to the citizens who had been fighting Common Core.  That hope was not without skepticism of a possible rebrand attempt, which has turned out to be justified by the comments made recently by North Carolina’s State Superintendent and Governor.

“In keeping with our NC Constitution, The State Board of Education will have the ultimate decision as to whether the standards are changed.” – Dr. June Atkinson On NCSPIN 8/19/14

“The title of the bill of Common Core says we’re eliminating Common Core. If you read the bill, it doesn’t eliminate Common Core. It reviews Common Core and only the State Board of Education – with Bill Cobey as its chairman – can change Common Core.” – Governor Pat McCrory, NCSPIN 8/24/14

Both Atkinson and McCrory have pushed the same narrative – that only the North Carolina State Board of Education was going to decide whether or not to change the Common Core Standards.  Atkinson and McCrory intend to use the NC State Board of Education to pull a rebrand in North Carolina.

Shorter: To Hell with the ‘Will of the People’ in North Carolina and to Hell with the standards replacement Commission. Atkinson and McCrory, who have no children in school,  know what is best for your children, North Carolinians. Heed your betters. Sit down. Shut up.

By the way, the replacement Commission still has not been named or finalized, yet SB 812 requires they hold their first meeting by September 1st.  That’s no big deal, the law apparently means nothing — according to Lefty outlet Policy Watch, NC Board of Education Chairman Cobey will hold the meeting within 30 days of the naming of the appointees. Policy Watch also had this nugget from Eric Guckian, the Democrat and Teach for America Common Core pushing Education adviser to McCrory:

Gov. Pat McCrory’s education advisor, Eric Guckian, told N.C. Policy Watch on Monday, “we are in final stages of making our appointment, and it’s my understanding that the state board and legislature is on same timeline.  My understanding is that the first meeting may be pushed back a few weeks, but that is unconfirmed at this time.” 

Final stages for the Governor’s one appointment? Is Guckian trying to imply it won’t be him as the Governor’s appointee? I chuckled. If it’s not Guckian, you can probably bet the appointee will either be someone tied to the Chamber of Commerce, Teach for America or a true believer educator/superintendent.  Whoever they are, it seems they are there for show since the Governor and State Superintendent have made it clear they believe that the standards replacement Commission is a dog and pony show.

We’ll see how Operation Rebrand plays out for them. 2016 is not so far away.

If you enjoyed this article, you should really check out other pieces written by Da Tech Guy’s Magnificent Seven writers and maybe hit that tip jar!

AP DillonA.P. Dillon (Lady Liberty 1885), is a Conservative minded wife and mother living in the Triangle area of North Carolina. A.P. Dillon founded the blog in 2009. After the 2012 election, she added an Instapundit style blog called The ConMom Blog. Mrs. Dillon recently participated in Glenn Beck’sWe Will Not Conform. Mrs. Dillon’s writing, in addition to Da Tech Guy’s Magnificent 7, can also be found at, WatchdogWireNC and WizBang. Non-political writing projects include science fiction novellas that are, as of yet, unpublished. Her current writing project is a children’s book series.

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NC Superintendent Holding Her Own Common Core Commission

Common Core replacement commission members have been named by the House and Senate. The Governor still hasn’t announced his selection, neither has the State Board of Education. No worries, CCSSO President Elect and NC State Superintendent, June Atkinson, is apparently holding her own little Common Core Commission.

“So parallel to the work of this commission, we will be looking at the standards by inviting teachers who have used the standards for at least two to three years to give us input,” she said.
- Citizen Times

Oh really?  Look out, we’ve got a “bearing false witness” alert here.CC June False Witness

Atkinson can’t be on the commission, so she will make sure Common Core gets a seen as superior with her hand-picked “parallel” group.

4 years after adoption and 2 years after implementation, now she decides to turn to teachers to look at the standards? Dr. Atkinson is not satisfied with letting the commission do it’s job – actually they’re doing the job she didn’t do in 2010.

It would be two years of use; Common Core went into action in the 2012-2013 school year. If someone has been using it in North Carolina for three years, that would be an  interesting development. It begs the question, is Atkinson implying she’s not talking about input from North Carolina teachers?

Shouldn’t teachers already have been giving input on the standards before adoption and certainly before implementation?  Certainly DPI has been collecting input during implementation, right?


Input, Input Everywhere But Not A Comment To Read
By the way, all of this “input” is reminding me about the feedback I’ve already asked for.
Where are those ‘10,000 comments‘ that Dr. Atkinson mentioned during the Legislative Research Committee hearing that were collected as ‘feedback’ during North Carolina’s adoption of Common Core? What about those “60,000 teachers” involved in the revision of the standard course of study?

If you watched the hearing clip, stop me if this sounds familiar:

Forty-six states brought together experts, teachers and researchers to write the Common Core State Standards, along with almost 10,000 comments and suggestions, including many from Oregon teachers and parents. Oregon adopted them in 2010. The standards are well-matched for our classrooms and will help our students learn more. Please visit to read the full set of standards.

Those ‘10,000 comments’? I requested them from DPI over  a month ago, but it seems there is trouble tracking down the person who worked on those comments:

Vanessa Jeter <>
Sat, Jul 26, 2014 at 5:30 PM

I am working on this request. The individual who spearheaded the Accountability and Curriculum Reform Effort which started in 2008 and resulted in the 2010 adoption of the current Standard Course of Study is no longer with NCDPI and now works at New Schools, so I am having to go back into archival information. But your request is on my list and will be fulfilled.

Vanessa W. Jeter, Director
Communication and Information Services
NC Department of Public Instruction
6306 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-6306

New Schools? As in the North Carolina New Schools Project, Inc.?  The same one DPI’s Rebecca Garland sits on the board of?  Would that employee possibly be Angela Hinson Quick? Part of the bio of Sr. Vice President Quick reads:

From 2008 to 2013, she served as deputy chief academic officer for the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. In that position, she was responsible for the standards, assessments and accountability metrics for North Carolina’s K-12 academic programs, oversaw the design and development of the Instructional Improvement System (IIS), and worked with North Carolina’s successful Race to the Top (RttT) Grant program.

My question is why would such important data not be at one’s fingertips and be archived, especially when Common Core has been under fire for two years?

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