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#Ricin Letters Update: Person of Interest Named

We’ve been following the latest batch of Ricin letters sent to various officials and this morning a person of interest has been named. The previous letters took various twists and turns ala a Lifetime Movie of the week style and we’ve theorized the message in the current set of letters could be seen as a little over the top. While the last batch had an Elvis impersonator framed by a Wayne Newton impersonator, this one has an army vet and actress wife in a bat girl outfit:

Nathaniel Richardson of New Boston, Texas is now being looked at and his residence searched after his wife Shannon Guess, who IBD times is incorrectly reporting as Shannon Glass, contacted authorities Richardson is an army veteran based out of the Red River army depot. No arrest has been made yet.

Texarkana Gazette lays out a timeline. Here are the most recent key points:

Shannon Rogers Guess Richardson called law enforcement after finding the substance, suspected of being ricin. The couple’s home is in New Boston, about 25 miles west of Texarkana.

Updated 11:43 a.m. Federal officials have arrived at the home and asked the media to move back to make way for equipment. FBI and postal inspector officials are outside the home.

Updated 12:35 p.m. Shannon Richardson has been escorted into the Federal Courthouse in downtown Texarkana in the company of several FBI agent. Meanwhile in New Boston, the FBI’s hazardous materials response team has arrived at the Richardsons’ home.

Updated 1:15 p.m. Black trucks and enclosed trailers, along with additional FBI officials, are arriving at the Richardsons’ home on Maple Street in New Boston.

Heavy.com has some more details on Richardson and his wife.

More updates to come. Continue reading

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More Ricin Letters Surface – Thoughts On The Quote.

Earlier today, we posted the news regarding more Ricin letters being sent to various officials including the President. We covered lingering pieces of the original case originating out of the quotes used, but didn’t address the new quotes in the new letters.

According to USA Today:

“You will have to kill me and my family before you get my guns. Anyone wants to come to my house will get shot in the face. The right to bear arms is my constitutional God-given right and I will exercise that right till the day I die.”

Given the required attention to detail and steps necessary to produce Ricin, the statement in this letter doesn’t seem to quite fit. Sure, this is clearly not someone thinking clearly to do it in the first place, but the grammar is crappy and the statement itself is over the top. It’s clearly meant to be taken as being from a gun owning “nut”.

Also, it was mailed from Shreveport. Why send it to Bloomberg’s group and not to Mayor Glover of Shreveport who has signed up as part of Mayors Against Illegal Guns?
Our gut instinct: It just feels manufactured.
Democrats and Liberals are wasting no time seizing on these letters to redirect news stories back to gun control and away from the scandals plaguing the White House. Their language is exactly what we think the wording of this letter was meant to portray – “gun nuts”:

[youtube=http://youtu.be/ZoNNHzRasmc] Continue reading

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More Ricin Letters Surface

It seems more Ricin letters have been sent to public officials including one to Mayor Bloomberg, one to Bloomberg’s group Mayors Against Illegal Guns and a third letter to President Obama.

USA Today, emphasis added:

The letter to Obama was discovered Wednesday. The other letters, postmarked May 20 in Shreveport, La., were opened in New York on Friday at the city’s mail facility in Manhattan and in Washington on Sunday at an office of Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

What a coincidence that Shreveport is only about an hour drive from Longview, Texas. Longview being the location where Dr. John Raymond Baker, author of the quote used by James Dutchske to frame Kevin Curtis, has his chiropractic practice. In fact, Dr. Baker services Shreveport according to his own site:

Hurt in a wreck or on the job ? In a day when many doctors NO LONGER accept Work Comp and Auto Accident victims as patients, we continue to do so. We are located in Longview, but we will accept patients from Nacogdoches, Tyler, Texarkana, Shreveport, Nachitoches, Whitehouse, White Oak, Hawkins, Hallsville, Marshall, Kilgore, Lindale, Mineola, Lufkin, Big Sandy, Mount Pleasant, Paris, Sulfur Springs, and more.

We’re not suggesting the good doctor has done anything wrong. We’re just noting the coincidence. The Ricin letters coming out of Tupelo has been the weirdest story – frame ups, the works. We’ve also been digging around a bit on Baker out of curiosity since we broke the initial story and this seemed like a good point to drop some of what we found.

Baker’s quote has other fans than Kevin Curtis. For example, the Julian Art Assange Tumbler. Not surprising given his Facebook page is littered with groups like Anonymous, MoveOn.org and Occupy groups all over the US — including New Orleans in neighboring Louisiana. Then again he also is a liker of Admirers of Bernie Sanders and Dogs for Barrack. He is also into martial arts — much like Curtis and Dutschke.

Dr. Baker has an extensive online presence with multiple websites, most of which have redundant information. These are just a few: Continue reading

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Ricin Letters Update: Dutschke Evaded the FBI

More information became public on May 17th regarding the case against Ricin letter suspect James Everett Dutschke. According to documents filed in District Court, the records of three cell phones that belong to Dutschke and his wife are being looked into. It appears this is in response to the evasive actions taken by Dutschke between April 24 and April 25 to elude the FBI prior to his arrest on April 27.

In the early hours of the 24th while under surveillance, the FBI observed Dutschke and his wife visiting two separate banks withdrawing cash from both at 3:30 am. Upon returning to their residence, Dutschke got out of his van and waved to the agents. However, while the agents moved their vehicles to reposition them, Dutschke had jumped back into his van and left the scene. His movements and actions were unaccounted for the next 12 hours. The van was later found at Dutschke’s martial arts studio later the next afternoon.

Approximately at 8:00pm on the 24th, Dutschke was observed getting into the truck owned by Kirk Kitchens – a friend of Dutschke’s. Dutschke crouched in the back seat and, according to WTVA and the Djournal, he then covered himself with blankets. Kitchens then drove around for two hours taking “evasive routes”, according to court records. The pair drove only 22 miles outside of Tupelo to Kitchens parent’s home near Mantachie. Agents state that they never saw Dutschke leave that home. However, according to the Djournal, “Kitchens helped him slip out the back door, through the woods and to a rendezvous point where someone else picked him up.” His movements until later in the afternoon have yet to be accounted for.

Records indicate that James Dutschke was located in Ashland, Mississippi at 1:45 pm on April 25, some 70 miles away. It is not known at the present time who drove him to this location. When Kirk Kitchens was asked about the incident he said, “I just helped him get out of the spotlight,” – Source DJournal.

Where was Dutschke during this unaccounted for time? Who was the mystery person that he met in the woods? Could this be the connection to the two sets of DNA that were found on the dust mask? Updates will be posted as they come in. Continue reading

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Ricin Letters Update: Dutschke Hearings Today (Updated)

James Everett Dutschke will be in Federal court in Oxford, Mississippi today for preliminary detention hearing. Evidence will be heard by a U.S. Magistrate to determine whether or not there is enough to take the case to a grand jury and whether or not Dutschke should be held without bond or not.

The first man arrested in this case, an Elvis impersonator named Kevin Curtis, was released for lack of evidence other than quotes used in the letters that matched Curtis’ Facebook page and prior letters sent to Senator Wicker. Curtis’ attorney claimed that her client was being framed by one James Everett Dutschke who is also a performer. Dutschke has retained counsel for the hearing today from George Lucas who has so stayed quiet.

Dutschke has denied any involvement. His lawyer, George Lucas, declined comment. – Source: USA TODAY

This case has been strange from the start. Elvis impersonator to a man who impersonates Wayne Newton and performs in a band called Robodrum who is now being defended by a man named George Lucas. Seriously? You can’t make this stuff up.

Dutschke has maintained from the start that he did not send the letters laced with Ricin and went as far as to have a neighbor, Rory Key, video tape a statement of his innocence.


This statement was uploaded on April 23rd, just days before James Dutschke was arrested on April 27th. Rory Key apparently lives just down the street, but does not know Dustchke well:

Rory Key lives just down the street from Dutschke’s house. He said Dutschke came to his house while the FBI was searchingthe suspect’s home asking for a drink and a snack.

He said the suspect was more upset than nervous. Key said he doesn’t believe Dutscke committed the crime. He also said he didn’t know him that well because Dustchke kept to himself.

-Source ABC 13 Local

Key, it would seem, knew Dutschke well enough to invite him into his home and video tape him making a statement of innocence. In fact, Rory Key gave more than one statement and seemed to know quite a bit about what was happening inside the Dutschke home. The MCHerald reported:

Dutschke’s neighbors near his home at 344 Canal St. in Tupelo had mixed feelings on his guilt or innocence.

“I don’t think he did this. What would be his motivation?” said Rory Key, who lives a few houses down from Dutschke’s brick house. “You can only go on what a man tells you, and he told me he didn’t do it.”

Key said he provided a brief refuge for Dutschke during the day that several agencies searched his home looking for evidence of the deadly toxin. Key also interviewed Dutschke and posted the video on YouTube.

“This morning I met with the FBI, I consented to a search, signed a piece of paper saying go ahead and search the house, and they’re doing that right now,” Dutschke says to Key’s camera.

Key said he spoke to him after the search as well.

“He said he was trying to get his life back to normal. They took the P-traps out of his sink. They took the air filters,” said Key. “He said his whole house had a strange chemical smell.”


Many neighbors on the street didn’t want to comment publicly on the case because they didn’t know Dutschke, saying they would see him coming and going but that they never knew much about him.

Key said the surveillance and the search on Dutschke’s house left an impression because it looked just like it does on television and the movies.

“It got wild,” he said. “First it was the sheriff’s office, then the local police, and then the FBI and the Army showed up.”

He said neighbors were told by police to stay inside their homes for their own safety, but they weren’t kept from coming and going if they needed to leave.

“There were small aircraft flying at high altitudes for several days, and they were clearly circling the neighborhood,” Key said.

Key said that during one conversation, he and Dutschke joked about how Dutschke was going to see a movie and he wondered what movie the feds would like to see.

Perhaps Mr. Key was just being kind or really does believe Dutschke is innocent. Maybe the attention from the media was a novelty. Who knows. Personally, I would not have let someone into my home that was accused of child molestation and sending Ricin tainted letters to public officials, including the President, if I didn’t already know them pretty darn well.

We’ll have an update after the hearing. Continue reading

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