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Ricin Letters Update: Dutschke Hearings Today (Updated)

James Everett Dutschke will be in Federal court in Oxford, Mississippi today for preliminary detention hearing. Evidence will be heard by a U.S. Magistrate to determine whether or not there is enough to take the case to a grand jury and whether or not Dutschke should be held without bond or not.

The first man arrested in this case, an Elvis impersonator named Kevin Curtis, was released for lack of evidence other than quotes used in the letters that matched Curtis’ Facebook page and prior letters sent to Senator Wicker. Curtis’ attorney claimed that her client was being framed by one James Everett Dutschke who is also a performer. Dutschke has retained counsel for the hearing today from George Lucas who has so stayed quiet.

Dutschke has denied any involvement. His lawyer, George Lucas, declined comment. – Source: USA TODAY

This case has been strange from the start. Elvis impersonator to a man who impersonates Wayne Newton and performs in a band called Robodrum who is now being defended by a man named George Lucas. Seriously? You can’t make this stuff up.

Dutschke has maintained from the start that he did not send the letters laced with Ricin and went as far as to have a neighbor, Rory Key, video tape a statement of his innocence.


This statement was uploaded on April 23rd, just days before James Dutschke was arrested on April 27th. Rory Key apparently lives just down the street, but does not know Dustchke well:

Rory Key lives just down the street from Dutschke’s house. He said Dutschke came to his house while the FBI was searchingthe suspect’s home asking for a drink and a snack.

He said the suspect was more upset than nervous. Key said he doesn’t believe Dutscke committed the crime. He also said he didn’t know him that well because Dustchke kept to himself.

-Source ABC 13 Local

Key, it would seem, knew Dutschke well enough to invite him into his home and video tape him making a statement of innocence. In fact, Rory Key gave more than one statement and seemed to know quite a bit about what was happening inside the Dutschke home. The MCHerald reported:

Dutschke’s neighbors near his home at 344 Canal St. in Tupelo had mixed feelings on his guilt or innocence.

“I don’t think he did this. What would be his motivation?” said Rory Key, who lives a few houses down from Dutschke’s brick house. “You can only go on what a man tells you, and he told me he didn’t do it.”

Key said he provided a brief refuge for Dutschke during the day that several agencies searched his home looking for evidence of the deadly toxin. Key also interviewed Dutschke and posted the video on YouTube.

“This morning I met with the FBI, I consented to a search, signed a piece of paper saying go ahead and search the house, and they’re doing that right now,” Dutschke says to Key’s camera.

Key said he spoke to him after the search as well.

“He said he was trying to get his life back to normal. They took the P-traps out of his sink. They took the air filters,” said Key. “He said his whole house had a strange chemical smell.”


Many neighbors on the street didn’t want to comment publicly on the case because they didn’t know Dutschke, saying they would see him coming and going but that they never knew much about him.

Key said the surveillance and the search on Dutschke’s house left an impression because it looked just like it does on television and the movies.

“It got wild,” he said. “First it was the sheriff’s office, then the local police, and then the FBI and the Army showed up.”

He said neighbors were told by police to stay inside their homes for their own safety, but they weren’t kept from coming and going if they needed to leave.

“There were small aircraft flying at high altitudes for several days, and they were clearly circling the neighborhood,” Key said.

Key said that during one conversation, he and Dutschke joked about how Dutschke was going to see a movie and he wondered what movie the feds would like to see.

Perhaps Mr. Key was just being kind or really does believe Dutschke is innocent. Maybe the attention from the media was a novelty. Who knows. Personally, I would not have let someone into my home that was accused of child molestation and sending Ricin tainted letters to public officials, including the President, if I didn’t already know them pretty darn well.

We’ll have an update after the hearing. Continue reading

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RICIN UPDATE: Affidavit Released; Evidence of Ricin Confirmed

In an 8 page federal affidavit released just hours ago confirmed that items found at the Martial arts studio owned by James Everett Dutschke tested positive for the presence of Ricin. The affidavit also states the full note as it appeared in the envelopes to President Obama and Senator Wicker:

No one wanted to listen to me before.
There are still ‘Missing Pieces’ Maybe I have your attention now
Even if that means someone must die.
This must stop. To see a wrong and not expose it, is to become a silent partner to its continuance. I am KC and I approve this message

According the affidavit, a January search of Dutschke’s computer by local law enforcement revealed that on Dec. 31, someone downloaded a publication, “Standard Operating Procedure for Ricin,” and two hours later downloaded “Immunochromotography Detection of Ricin in Environmental and Biological Samples”. Continue reading

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It Was “Elementary”, Mr. Curtis.

On April 17th I became embroiled in a mystery that turned out to be something out of a Sherlock Holmes Novel. Multiple letters all signed with the same moniker and the same two initials each time – “KC”. Out of sheer curiosity, I began to track down the alleged “Ricin letter” suspect and managed to zero in on him hours prior to his arrest…and I did it all on the internet.

What I found on Mr. Curtis was nothing short of an orgy of evidence and information. It became obvious to me this individual must be the suspect the FBI was looking for, actually in hindsight, it was painfully obvious. All the links were there. Continue reading

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Ricin Letters Update: FBI arrests James Everett Dutschke

Just when you think this case could not get more tangled, according to Djournal an arrest has been made in Tupelo regarding the ricin tainted letters sent to both Senator Wicker and President Obama.

FBI, and Tupelo Police Chief Tony Carleton, confirmed Saturday morning that James Everett Dutschke was arrested at his home early this morning at 1:00 am. He was turned over to US Marshall’s without incident.

In a statement to the DJournal Jack Curtis, brother to Paul Kevin Curtis and former business partner of Dutschke said,

“If they have the evidence, let the chips fall where they may,” ….”I hate to speculate on anyone’s guilt until the evidence comes out, but it would further vindicate my brother.”

This case has mirrored the plot out of a Sherlock Holmes novel in more ways than I can count. So far, authorities have not released evidence found at any of the locations searched over the last couple days connected to Dutschke.

Rolling updates will come in as Lady Liberty and I get them.

In the mean time, please refer to the original stories on how this case of a alleged frame up has unfolded; Starting with the investigation and arrest of Paul Kevin Curtis, his subsequent release after no evidence linking him to the letters was found, and the change in direction authorities made in searching for the alleged sender and frame-up suspect. Continue reading

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Ricin Letters Update: FBI Searches Dutschke Studio;Update – 2nd location

Yesterday we learned the suspect in the Ricin letters sent to Senator Wicker, President Obama and a Mississippi Judge, Kevin Curtis, was released from custody due to lack of evidence of Ricin or related instructions to making the substance at Curtis’ home in Tupelo, Mississippi.

Curtis’ lawyer made the statement she thought her client was being framed and then continued to lay an allegation that James Everett Dutschke, also of Tupelo, was a likely candidate for the alleged framing. We reported yesterday on the Dutschke connection and the fact there seemed to be no love loss between Curtis and Dutschke.

The FBI visited Dutschke earlier this week at his home. Now they are searching his Martial Arts studio. Djournal reports:

TUPELO – Investigators from the FBI and members of the National Guard are currently searching the martial arts studio of J. Everett Dutschke.

A mobile lab and a tent have been set up in the parking lot in front of Taekwondo Plus. Law enforcement has blocked off Rankin Extended just past Baskin Robbins.

Officials spent much of Tuesday afternoon and evening searching Dutschke’s home on the day Kevin Curtis was released from jail in connection with poison-laced letters sent to President Obama, Sen. Roger Wicker and Justice Court Judge Sadie Holland. Before charges were dropped against Curtis, his attorney had mentioned Dutschke as a possible suspect. No charges have been filed against Dutschke

The investigation is ongoing. Stop back for updates. Continue reading

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Elvis Has Left The Building…

Elvis has left the building…or at least custody. The news just broke that Paul Kevin Curtis, the man suspected of having sent Ricin tainted letters to Senator Wicker and to President Obama was released today. In case you missed it, Liberty Speaks is the blogger here at LL1885 who tracked down Curtis before the arrest was announced. Both she and I will be watching this case closely.

TPM reports:

OXFORD, Miss. (AP) — The Mississippi man charged with sending poisoned letters to President Barack Obama, a U.S. senator and a state judge was released from jail on Tuesday, federal official said, though the reason for the release wasn’t immediately clear.

Jeff Woodfin, chief deputy with the U.S. Marshals Service in Oxford, Miss., said Paul Kevin Curtis has been released from custody. Woodfin said he doesn’t know if there were any conditions on the release.

The development comes hours after officials canceled a detention and preliminary hearing without explaining the reason for the change.

His lawyer Christi McCoy, who has been pushing for the charges to be dropped, said in a text message Tuesday that she could only confirm that her client has been released.

“I can tell you he is with his family,” McCoy said.

McCoy has said that there is a news conference scheduled for 5 p.m. CDT with federal authorities and defense attorneys.

The report goes on to say they found to evidence of Ricin at Curtis’ residence. TPM also reports this tidbit, emphasis added:

“The searches are concluded, not one single shred of evidence was found to indicate Kevin could have done this,” McCoy told reporters after the hearing Monday.

McCoy also questioned why Curtis would have signed the letters “I am KC and I approve this message,” a phrase he had used on his Facebook page.

McCoy said in court that someone may have framed Curtis, suggesting that a former business associate of Curtis’ brother, a man with whom Curtis had an extended exchange of angry emails, may have set him up.

Liberty Speaks and I have been kicking this idea around since the day of the arrest. It all fit very neatly until the authorities found no Ricin at the home. Stay tuned. We will have more on this. Continue reading

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Paul Kevin Curtis and the Ricin Letters

NOTE: This post was embargoed by LL1885 pending confirmation of the suspect’s identity. We did not want to get the wrong guy. It was written at 2:16 pm EST and held until now.

Paul Kevin Curtis Arrested for Ricin Letters

My co-blogger, Liberty Speaks, stumbled onto the following after reading about the letters containing Ricin sent to Wicker and Obama. Liberty Speaks began tracing this early this morning and we just now saw the FBI announced they have arrested one Paul Kevin Curtis. It would seem that Liberty Speaks had the right guy this morning.

How We Found Him

Liberty speaks, out of curiosity, started this morning started searching one of the key phrases said to be in the letters as reported by FOX News:

An FBI bulletin obtained by Fox News said the letter sent to Obama is still being screened, though it initially tested positive.

The bulletin said both letters included the phrase: “To see a wrong and not expose it, is to become a silent partner to its continuance.”

Both were signed, “I am KC and I approve this message.”

The first hit was tied to a Chiropractor practice called Baker Chiropractic. Here is the link address which shows one of the key phrases above: http://bakerchiropractic.blogspot.com/2006/08/to-see-wrong-and-not-expose-it-is-to.html

At the bottom of the page is the exact quote from the letters, seemingly made by Dr. Baker of whom the Chiropractic practice is named:

“To see a wrong and not expose it, is to become a silent partner to its continuance.”
– Dr John Raymond Baker

On that same page, just below the quote in question, is another link:

This link leads to an article called The BARBARIANS Guarding the Gates of Dialogue by Jim Kirwan. It is an article, or rather a bit of a rant, about censorship and freedom of speech. It also discusses political correctness and about Kirwan getting into a debate with another page’s moderator. The moderator’s name was Kevin Curtis. Curtis describes himself as a ‘Mississippi activist’, according to Kirwin’s article:

“Mr. Kirwan, I applaud you and anyone else out there who has the courage to step up to the plate with no fear of retaliation from those with something to lose by the threat that those who speak out and take action may cause…know what I mean? Kevin Curtis, Mississippi Activist”

Kirwin also posts Curtis’ business information:

“Kevin Curtis, Master of Impressions, Star Tribute Entertainment, INC. WWW.GEOCITIES.COM/ELVISGUY4U/”

Bear in mind, Kevin Curtis’ initials are KC. The same initials as in the letters containing Ricin. This could have just be a bad coincidence or just dumb luck that we stumbled onto the page.

Liberty Speaks decided to Google Kevin Curtis, ‘Elvisguy’ and came up with his Facebook page. On that page, several posts caught the eye, one in particular was promoting a friend for mayor and included references to both President Obama and Senator Wicker. The post included the phrase:

“This is KC and I approve this message” (link to page)

Also on the About tab for Curtis, we find the other phrase from the Ricin letters:

“To see a wrong and not expose it,
is to become a silent partner to its continuance.”
©Star Tribute EntertainmentTM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

*Note: Curtis has altered his Facebook page and removed these two quotes since we started researching him. While we did not get a screen shot of the above quotes, we did grab some others:

Reference to Wicker and Obama
Map of recent places traveled
Supporting Jason Shelton for Mayor, using the signature “I’m KC”moniker
Another shot of support for Jason Shelton with “I’m KC” moniker
Shot of Curtis with a bumper sticker, “Christian and a Democrat”
This could have been just coincidence, so at the time I (LL1885) started digging along with Liberty Speaks and came up with another instance of Mr. Curtis using the same phrase on the RipOffReport. At the bottom of what is clearly a strongly worded letter, we find a similar signature:

This is Kevin Curtis and I approve this report.

Booneville, Mississippi

What’s more, in the letter posted by Curtis on RipoffReport, he references Senator Wicker:

I sent letters to State Representative Roger Wicker, Senator Trent Lott and Thad Cochran. I never heard a word from anyone. I even ran into Roger Wicker several different times while performing at special banquets and fundraisers in northeast, Mississippi but he seemed very nervous while speaking with me and would make a fast exit to the door when I engaged in conversation leading up to my case against NMMC.

A third site also contains a similar signature. From the DJournal.com comments on the article, DA-elect Kelly starts housecleaning by firing five attorneys:

Elvisguy December 8, 2011

Justice is sweet & I waited 10 years to hear news like this. One of the Assistant DA’s listed in Patsy B’s article put a loaded gun to my head in 2003 and more than a half dozen kangaroo court hearings took place “after I” filed charges againt the ada for assault. I was the one who went to jail over and over again b/c the legal/justice/court system in n/e Ms was broken & still is. Trent Kelly is a good man. An honest man and the only attorney who looked me in the eye at court & said what was taking place was “not right”. I saw integrity in his eyes. James Moore was tricked into representing the intoxicated ada who almost took my life during a heated debate about corruption in Ms a few days before the Annual Elvis Presley festival. He was not happy that I fired him THEN and he was willing to kill me that night. It is a miracle of God that Pat Rasberry of the Tupelo CVB drove up when she did but she was/is also corrupt and was the person who hired the ada to play guitar behind the show “Double Trouble” that I created. They tried to go on with the show without me and keep me in jail but thanks to Jimmy D Shelton & his son Jason I got out on appeal just in time to perform for the Elvis Festival and even got to meet Little Richard! Yee Haww! lol This news of the 5 attorneys being fired is the best Christmas gift I could ask for. Thank you Jesus and thank you Trent Kelly. Justice has no time barrier & God works his will on HIS OWN time. There is hope for Lee County and Northeast, Ms now..this is a start. Wishing Trent Kelly many years of success!

This is Kevin Curtis & I approve this message.

Screenshot here.

And a second comment from the same article:

turkeyinthestraw |November 18, 2011 said:

(What happened to the earlier article with all the comments?) I am wondering the same thing? Are comments being removed here?

Anyone wishing to book a show, send me a message on youtube or facebook or call me on my business line (it’s posted on all my sites) 🙂

This is Kevin Curtis & I approve this message

Screenshot here.

At the same Djournal.com, Curtis also posted an invitation to a party he was hosting. It was signed the same way, emphasis added:


Join me & all my Justice seeking friends & fellow activist New Years Eve to celebrate the future of Northeast Mississian’s & all the wrongly accused in the past!! Trent Kelly is the New DA in town & he’s clearing house. Out with the old, in with the new! Say “NO” to corruption friends & join us in Alabama as we celebrate a new beginning of “HOPE” in Lee County & surrounding areas. This is KC & I approve this message!
Side note: While browsing Curtis’ page, the following picture was also noted:

A post following it on the Facebook page displays the outrage over the bombing in Boston:

we the people are just not safe anymore! I mean bombs where folks are “racing”??? Elephants in Tupelo Circus getting SHOT??? What next! I guess there will come a time when Elvis fans can’t even go out to watch a bunch of Elvis Impersonators pay tribute to a man who gave his life for we the people! Geesh! It’s a sad sad world!

Finally, a shot from a professional profile:
Continue reading

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