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CNN Republican Arizona Debate (2/22/12)

THE CNN REPUBLICAN ARIZONA DEBATE RUNDOWN Transcripts are here. Full Video is to be added when available. The Lady’s Take: I didn’t watch it live. Do I win something for that? What I did watch did not impress me. I’m … Continue reading

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CPAC 2012 Roundup

Video clips, highlights from CPAC 2012 Continue reading

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CNN FL GOP Presidential Debate (1/26/12)

Another $#%ing debate. This is past bordering on absurd at this point and is well into crazy town. I was thoroughly disgusted with the moderating but even more disgusted with Romney and Gingrich’s continued tennis match with Freddie/Fannie. Wolf Blitzer was more interested in turning this into an episode of the Jersey Shore than asking actual questions. Continue reading

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CNN SC GOP Presidential Debate (1/19/12)

Gingrich won this one too. He came out with both barrels blazing as John King predictably kicked off the debate by asking him about his ex-wife Marianne’s accusations of an open marriage. It was a thing of beauty and I have never seen a commentator taken down quite as forcefully as I saw last night. I had to rewind and replay it a few times. Continue reading

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FOX / WSJ GOP SC Presidential Debate (1/16/12)

FOX News / WSJ PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE RUNDOWN I managed to catch most of the debate, however missed the opening 20 minutes. I was watching #1 Syracuse dispatch Pittsburgh and remain undefeated at 20-0. Priorities, people, priorities! The Full Video: Fox … Continue reading

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ABC/YAHOO GOP Presidential Debate (1/7/12)

Mitt was barely challenged at all and came out the winner but Newt and his big brain were snapping at his heels. Ron Paul got pounded from all sides – successfully. My gut tells me Paul will take his toys and go home by pulling a Perot after SC. Santorum was solid and steady; seemed less angry and more focused. Perry did a really good imitation of a mute for the majority of it. Having said that, Perry’s responses he did give were pretty darn good. This was his best debate yet. Huntsman arched his eyebrow a lot. Continue reading

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