CNN FL GOP Presidential Debate (1/26/12)

CNN Jacksonville, Florida


The Full Video: CNN/RPOF/HLN Republican Presidential Debate @ University of N. FL – Jacksonville – January 26, 2012 – YouTube

The Full Transcript: Full Text Campaign Buzz January 26, 2012: CNN Florida Republican Presidential Debate Transcript | History Musings

The Lady’s Take:

Another $#%ing debate. This is past bordering on absurd at this point and is well into crazy town. I was thoroughly disgusted with the moderating but even more disgusted with Romney and Gingrich’s continued tennis match with Freddie/Fannie. Wolf Blitzer was more interested in turning this into an episode of the Jersey Shore than asking actual questions. Blitzer spent more time on petty campaigning ads than he did on the issues. The liberal media, of course, is saying he ‘stood up to Gingrich‘ and ‘busted Romney‘. No, all he did was cheapen the process and the public loses because of it. Morton Downey Jr. would be proud of ya, Wolf.

The wives question made me groan. The actual questions came from the audience or Twitter. At least Americans want to know where the candidates stand on the issues even if the media doesn’t.  The RNC needs to stop these liberal hosted debates and start hosting their own. I’d rather see pundits and blogs like NRO or Hot Air run these things. ENOUGH!

Santorum was the only grown-up in the room last night. He firmly took Romney to task on Romneycare. Santorum clearly  highlighted the mandate portion of it and how it has driven increasing numbers of people to just pay the fine instead of getting actual healthcare because it is so much cheaper to do so. He won this debate hands down.

Paul was Paul. Started to answer the question then daisy chained in a dozen other topics, leaving the listened totally confused. He’s also still way out to lunch on foreign policy.

Romney and Gingrich. I am too annoyed with both of them to even comment. See the useful links and video highlights.

Winner: Anyone who didn’t watch.

The Rest in Order: Santorum, Paul, Romney & Gingrich tied for last.

The Useful Links:

The Video Highlights:

The end of the clip (13:25 on)  is where Santorum tells Romney and Gingrich to knock it off:

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