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John Cusack is giving me whiplash

potted a story this morning that talked about John Cusack developing a biopic about Rush Limbaugh. Via Washington Times 24/7:

John Cusack — actor, vocal liberal activist and occasional Huffington Post blogger — is developing a movie about conservative radio show all-star Rush Limbaugh.

Cusack’s production company, New Crime Productions, told the Associated Press that the working title of the new film is “Rush.”

The unabashedly liberal star of movies like “Say Anything,” “Grosse Point Blank” and the anti-gun adaptation of the John Grisham novel “The Runaway Jury” will reportedly play the talk star in the film, set to begin filming next year.

I wonder who he will get to play Rush? I do hope this won’t be another pile of dog mess like Sorkin’s “Game Change”. Cusack blogs for HuffPo on occasion and is a self professed liberal, but perhaps I’m being too hasty in dismissing his ability to show some objectivity about the other side. I say that based on this gem that was passed to me: John Cusack Interviews Law Professor Jonathan Turley About Obama Administration’s War On the Constitution

The original posting was on August 20th, here. It didn’t appear on HuffPo until September 2nd.

While the piece gets some side topics wrong (death panels in Obamacare and the Auto Bailout), the bulk of it regarding Holder, Obama, killing Americans without due process and the NDAA lands right on target. Of interest is the side conversation going on about liberal media bias. Both Turley and Cusack note how no one on the Left journalistically is pursuing the clear Constitutional violations by this administration; mainly because Obama and Holder are ‘good guys’ in the eyes of the progressive media. In other words, it’s o.k. when we do it.

The one passage that raised my eyebrows is this one:

CUSACK: So would you say this assassination issue, or the speech and the clause in the NDAA and this signing statement that was attached, was equivalent to John Yoo’s torture document?

TURLEY: Oh, I think it’s amazing. It is astonishing the dishonesty that preceded and followed its passage. Before passage, the administration told the public that the president was upset about the lack of an exception for citizens and that he was ready to veto the bill if there was a lack of such an exception. Then, in an unguarded moment, Senator Levin was speaking to another Democratic senator who was objecting to the fact that citizens could be assassinated under this provision, and Levin said, “I don’t know if my colleague is aware that the exception language was removed at the request of the White House.” Many of us just fell out of our chairs. It was a relatively rare moment on the Senate floor, unguarded and unscripted.

CUSACK: And finally simple.

TURLEY: Yes. So we were basically lied to. I think that the administration was really caught unprepared by that rare moment of honesty, and that led ultimately to his pledge not to use the power to assassinate against citizens. But that pledge is meaningless. Having a president say, “I won’t use a power given to me” is the most dangerous of assurances, because a promise is not worth anything.

CUSACK: Yeah, I would say it’s the coldest comfort there is.

It’s well worth the time to read the whole thing. Killing American citizens at will is the bigger fish to fry, but I find it interesting they don’t discuss Obamacare, which affects ALL American citizens and the Constitutional issues it raises.

Also, here is the speech by Eric Holder at Northwestern. Continue reading

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#NC Alleged Voter Fraud – Jim Turner, NC BOE Answers

A ton of people know who Jim Turner is now.

I am sure I was not the only one who emailed the NC Board of Elections, inquiring that one Jim Turner be investigated for potentially having voted multiple times during early voting in North Carolina.

Close up of his comment:

Turner doesn’t even think his comment, true or not, had anything wrong with it:

Indeed, I was not the only one to follow up with the Board of elections. They were apparently overwhelmed. I did receive this answer though:

“We are aware of this claim of multiple voting posted on Facebook. We share your concerns. A preliminary investigation found that this claim is without merit, but we are continuing our investigation of this matter. This claim has been referred to appropriate law enforcement authorities.”


It would seem he intended to cause a stir and he succeeded. Continue reading

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Clinton Performs Weird Stand Up Routine in Raleigh

I watched former President Clinton via Live Stream on WRAL today here in Raleigh. Clinton held a rally in Pullen park, where park police estimated the crowd to be around 4,000 in an area that can roughly realistically hold 2,000, but who cares. Clinton looked tired and sounded rather hoarse at times.

My initial impression was that he was phoning this one in until someone in the crowd yelled out, “Bill you were the best President ever!” Clinton gave a bemused look out into the crowd where the shout came from and then it was no longer an Obama rally, it was a Bill Clinton is awesome rally. Clinton nearly broke his arm off patting himself and his wife on the back. I had to fight back bile and yelling out, ‘BENGHAZI!’ when he said Obama was a good commander-in-chief.

Clinton: “Obama has been a good commander in chief… And he’s got a heck of a Secretary of State.”

— Tabitha Hale (@TabithaHale) November 4, 2012

Clinton digressed into some kind of sick comedy routine when he started referring to his (Lewinsky?) past exploits near the latter third of the speech. No, I’m not kidding. He made a weird reference about having gotten his ‘hand caught in the cookie jar’. He went on to say he faced up to getting his hand caught in said jar. I think Hillary might disagree.

My favorite line from the most famous, lying President of all time was this:

“You should care whether your president is telling you the truth.”

Clinton hit all the high notes – GM victory lap, $5 trillion lie, Romnesia, student loan cost lies etc., but overall, I don’t think anyone is going to look at cookie jars the same way for a long while.

More at WRAL.

Video is here. Clinton comes on around the 52 minute mark. Continue reading

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Epic LadyParts Rant

Over at Instapundit, I just spotted this post by Sarah Hoyt. She summarizes the Obama campaign’s war on women in less than 10 sentences and she nails it.

Bravo and thank you, Sarah. Continue reading

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The Friday Focus



I posted this yesterday, but it bears re-posting.


Four days from now, the nation decides the 45th President of the United States. Our family does not have a lot of money to support our choice between the two paths in front of us. That is why I’ll be volunteering for Romney here in Raleigh tomorrow afternoon. Voting is the most important thing you can do this election cycle, but ask yourself what else you can do to continue the Mittmentum.

Believe…. and ACT.

[youtube=] Continue reading

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What Is It With Liberals and Zombies?

Seriously. What is it with Liberals and their zombie fixation? Is it linked to their love of dead voters or something? I love a good zombie flick and am admittedly a Walking Dead fan, but this is ridiculous:


“I’m not sure which is worse– suggesting murder as a fun way to win elections, or the racist/demeaning ethnic, cultural, and sexual stereotypes of the “Liberal Heroes.” – Ace

Who says you have to choose? Both are equally repugnant. I wonder if somewhere a riot will break out over this obscure little video.

This pile of video is nothing but unimaginative and gratuitous gore. To add insult to decapitation, they’re using really bad fake blood. This is the kind of video that’s past parody and is in the realm of yawn inducing.

If you’re working with zombies or the evil undead, a bit of gore is required . Having said that, you have to have some of it implied. Change it up a bit, throw a curve! If you can’t imply, make it fantastical. These people who made this video clearly have never studied The Master. At the very least, have some style. Let Tallahassee show you how it is done (NSFW langauge etc).


By the way this isn’t the first time the Liberal’s have used Zombies. Remember the Zombie Tea Party game? Heck, just last week Joss Whedon invoked the Zombie Apocalypse when talking about Mitt Romney. Gotta love this new tone bullshit. Continue reading

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Clear Eyes and Full Hearts… In COLORADO.

Powerful ad:


Related: The PJ Tatler » Obama Ticket Demand Low — In Boulder Continue reading

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