FOX Sioux City Iowa Debate (12/15/11)

FOX Sioux City Iowa Debate (12/15/11)

This is a rundown of links, video and a little of the Lady’s Take of the FOX GOP debate held on December 15, 2011.

Full Video is HERE and here:

The Lady’s Take:

Preface: I DVR’d this and yes, I fast forwarded through some parts. Debate Fatigue has had me in its grip the last two debates.

My Impressions: No movement. Everyone pretty much stayed where they were in my mind. FOX commentators stayed on topic; Wallace tried to be a little sensationalist a couple of times. Overall they did an expedient job. I still hate that ding they use for when the Candidate goes over the time limit. Bachmann went all offense on Gingrich and ran into a brick wall a few times doing it. Gingrich deflected most attacks. The big deal of the night was there was actually a Fast and Furious question. HALELLEUJAH!

The Highlights:

Gingrich: He took attacks from just about everyone, including the moderators somewhat. He deflected most of them and his response to the initial question about his “electability” set the tone for the rest of the debate.

Romney: Played don’t rock the boat most of the debate but instead kept turning the focus back onto Obama. Smart move. I liked this one, “Timidity and weakness invite aggression on the part of other people. This is a president, the spy drone being brought down, he says ‘pretty please’? A foreign policy based on pretty please? You got to be kidding.” Also, he and Gingrich both made reference to things they learned from failures and about changing their minds. That needed to be said – liked it.

Santorum: I want to catch fire! There’s not even a puff of smoke around him after visiting every single Iowa county. That kind of makes me sad.  His a strong family values guy (which hurts him as well as helps him unfortunately) and his foreign policy is strong. His angry guy act has disappeared – that’s a plus.

Perry: “I’m ready for the next level. Let me tell you, I hope I am the Tim Tebow of the Iowa caucus.” He’s starting to get the hang of these debates, but there is no way in Hell I want him debating Obama. Period.  He’s done fantastic things in Texas and has expanded  his sphere of knowledge a bit, but I think we’re done, Rick. His strongest moment was answering the Fast and Furious question.

Bachmann: She went back to her ‘proven track record’ shtick a few times. I thought she was over that but apparently not. Her attacks on Gingrich were of course strategic, however her bark is way worse than her bite. I know I am in the minority there – most people think she wrecked him.  For me, when she said the best proof of  his lobbying was he cashed a paycheck from them I almost strained something rolling my eyes.  I like that she wants to repeal Obamacare and isn’t giving up on it, but her scorched earth attacks of late have totally turned me off from her. She did win points with me for her smack down of Ron Paul on foreign policy though.

Hunstman: It must be truly exhausting keeping that eyebrow of  his arched all the time. His Trump slam fell flat (exchange starts at the 13:40 mark in the full video) and the silence was deafening and you could see he was embarrassed so he moved along. Good. He should be embarrassed. I couldn’t feel bad for him because I personally can’t stand him. All I see when he opens his mouth is a petty and cruel man. He’s the one candidate up there that would make me stay home if he got the nomination.

Paul: Did his rambling thing where by the end you weren’t sure if he really answered the question or not. Most of the time last night, he did not. I find it tiring having to sift through his tangents for the truth nuggets – this is his Achilles heel. He’s strong on the Constitution and I like his push for smaller government, but when he goes off the topic of the question asked and into a daisy chaining of other topics, that is where he loses me. He is a foreign policy train wreck — for someone so smart, he really is an offensive idiot on the Middle East.

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